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10 Great Analog Watches You Want on Your Wrist

by:Bestway     2019-11-21
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
This year, you don\'t have to listen to me about the warmth, analog advantage of mechanical clocks in our cold digital age. Stephen J.
Pulvirent is very happy for me.
\"There is no doubt that we live in a digital world.
In fact, we are a digital business, \"said Pulvirent, deputy editor-in-chief of Hodinkee, a better Men\'s Watch website and analytics company in New York City.
\"But the mechanical watch needs you to work.
This relationship is amazing in our lives.
\"Pulvirent and his boss, founder and executive editor Benjamin Kramer sat down with me very kindly and had a long chat about the real progress of the world of mechanical watches in 2013
We all agree with this, no matter how high Samsung istech app-
Based on the Gear watch or the upcoming Apple (AAPL)
IWatch, the real news of the past year is the harvest of clocks and clocks, telling time without annoying batteries.
Believe it or not, according to statistics from the data collection service Brain, managed by Seth Harden, mechanical watches now account for the vast majority of new watches sold worldwide.
According to information compiled by the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, Convention Patronale, Bank Vontobel and others, when consumers really enter the better watch market, this is the mechanical watch they think is valuable.
Big watch brands such as Swatch Group, richemont and Rolex dominate the market.
This is a solid year for the value, design and innovation of small manufacturers.
Even one or two American watch manufacturers are worth a visit.
How great is this?
So as we enter the final moments of the holiday shopping season, here is my choice of the 2013 Best 10 mechanical watches.
Invest in any of these for you or your loved ones and be reminded from time to time how precious time is.
Shinola Runwell 41mm$550)
Well, Shinola\'s run well is not actually a mechanical watch. But Detroit-based Shinola (
Yes, there\'s really one.
Flight watch in Michigan)
This is such a great business and design story that it may be the same.
For me, Runwell has the whole heart and soul of a mechanical watch, but does not need to wrap it around. The hand-
Assembly Runwell use high
High quality Swiss quartz movement, solid sapphire crystal, built-in well
Stainless steel housing.
The watch snobs may smell the fact that Shinola also sells bikes and handbags, but don\'t be fooled: the details, great craftsmanship and background stories on Runwell are solid.
There\'s a national chain of direct retailers where you can stick to it, and there\'s no harm --
One minute, pack a Shinola.
For money, the most important thing now is to run the dragon.
Shuttle Powermatic 80 ($990)
2013 of the big news is how competitive the $1,000 mechanical watch market has become.
At this price point, the best watchmaker will go all out, so the whole design and sports story is great.
I recognize the shuttle Powermatic 80 not only because of its clean, elegant design, but also because it cleverly stores 80 hours of power reserves on each clockwork.
Durable timer design and factors for smooth black leather strap, this automatic strap not only looks good, but also practical.
Key Note for bottom hunters: Tissot is an established Swiss manufacturer with reliable online channels.
This means that some watches are very careful, unlike most other better watches (! )
Online price shopping should not end with tears.
Sir Hamilton master slim Petty ($1,025)
For a long time, we have no idea how old watch brands such as Hamilton have become part of the Swiss watch giant Swatch Group.
But I didn\'t notice the fit and decline of the Pantons as part of the trend.
This year, jazz master slim Pett Salder is an outstanding figure.
White face, rose dial, high
The premium brown leather strap makes it the perfect fashion solution to be the perfect second or third watch, which is great for ladies who like to crib for their own men\'s watch
Don\'t worry, Hamilton made a very good watch here: Master jazz is water --
Patience, finished in a good stainless steel housing and with a strong high
Automatic movement of quality.
This is a watch with excellent style.
RGN Grande pilot 151 P ($2,750)
The great Watch tells the story of time and greatness, and the RGN Grand Pilot is clearly a great watch.
This is just one of the limited output of US manufacturer Roland. Murphy.
This Lancaster, Pa.
, Watchmaster is celebrating his 20 years of work for the custom watch market and self-batchDesign pieces.
This year, I was selected as the real top pilot by the grand pilotlevel, 17-
GEM/18,000 vibrationper-
The one-hour mechanical movement watch is completed in a handsome stainless steel case.
Considering that when you buy RGN, you basically become a friend of the company-
You can always come over and see Roland--
This is a watch you don\'t just have, it will be a watch with which you build a deep personal relationship. Nomos-
Zurich glass house, Switzerland ($5,760)
It\'s not a secret. I\'m a fool of Nomos.
The glaucut clock.
I can\'t say no to simple and elegant design, easy . . and excellent technology.
Now, its legendary Zurich Weltzeit or world watch design has an interesting new riff: ZW, which cleverly tells the time of many cities at the same time.
Its Fifth Avenue edition even gives our local New Yorkers time in the center of the world. (
What is the real need of the world? )
Zurich Weltzeit is very thin and built by a simple mythic Nomos that does not hurt people
The caliber of the automatic winding movement, and based on other designs.
Mixed with the service and support of nomos legend, my intuition is that this watch will add value over time-
This means that you may be buying not only watches but also investments.
Friends, it\'s more expensive than Google, Amazon, or Facebook stock every day of the week.
Tudor heritage consultant ($6,075)
I bet those of us in specific years have a real memory of the original Tudor advisor. This late-
1950 machinery is a major high
Smart men wear high quality automatic watches at reasonable prices.
Tudor had a difficult time in the United States. S. --
In fact, sales have stopped from time to time over the years.
But 2013 saw Tudor return to the American market with a relaunched estate consultant, a white, multi-level face and a red build around Tudor\'s awesome movement
What is really worth the time for the watch is its alarm clock.
Hodinkee\'s Pulvirent said that the consultant\'s alarm clock rang a lot and the switch was very convenient.
Considering the classic design of this watch, it has both steel and titanium, the size is 42mm, and I can\'t think of a better face than a heritage consultant. Zenith El-
The reaction of Stratos in Primero ($8,500)
Here, we can honestly say that the famous watchmaker Zenith has been different since he participated in the stupid Felix Baumgartner business. (
This is the man who jumped down from the capsule last year and all the way down to earth. )
Of course, Zenith still likes watches very much, but I am not the only customer with limited interest in wearing a zero gravity watch.
Still, Zenith\'s El-
Pick-up at Stratos Primeroworthy.
Not only is it done in a unique blue color, but Zenith\'s awesome 45b automatic movement feature includes 36 jewels and a crazy vibration of 36,000 times an hour.
Important note to buy Zenith: the gray market for these products is deep and dangerous, so you will want to buy Stratos through authorized dealers.
Zenith makes 600 different types of sports and there are many other options for each watch, so you will want to confirm that you are buying the watch you really want to buy.
But for a soaring watch, stick with Stratos.
Daytona (Rolex)$16,995)
I want to be honest: I\'m not from Rolex.
Maybe the brand, or they dominate the high end of the watch market ---
Or I never got it from my dad.
But on 2013, the 50 th anniversary of the legendary Rolex universe, Toona, my cold feeling may be thawing.
Many of these antiques have been auctioned at this year\'s auction, and prices have hit record highs.
Rolex is also commendable as it gives anyone the opportunity to taste this tradition with the new Daytona.
This ridiculous top
Rack mechanical watch with self
The winding perpetual motion and Rolex\'s unique oyster case, though the real Rolex fashionista will have to get a limited edition platinum Daytona for $75,000.
Hodinkee\'s Pulvirent says the watch is awesome.
I have to admit that this is a watch that I cherish very much.
Royal Oak Hotel-
Thin self-winding ($22,500)
Who knows how he did it?
But its Royal Oak watch doesn\'t just define the thin, self-contained category.
It defines the entire category of mechanical wrist clocks.
The glory comes from the details of the Royal Oak.
Just on its stainless steel case, processed so well, it may also be made from \"unobtainable.
\"Or at no-
There is really no strong light crystal. (
It\'s like nothing at all. )
Although the dial is nominally blue, it is engraved with a \"petite Tapisserie\" pattern that anyone can stare at for hours.
Finally, usually stainless steel bracelets like this Royal Oak are heavy, hard to wear, and hard to fall off, but this bracelet is light and good --
You wouldn\'t know you were wearing it. -
But don\'t worry about it slipping off your wrist.
There is a good reason for LeBron James to have an automatic car.
You should also have one if you can afford it.
If the cost is not the target, this is the 2013 Watch. Girard-
Perregaux constant escapementM. ($123,000)
Hodinkee\'s Clymer voted at the 2013 Grand Prix to keep running away as the winner of the \"Aiguille d\'Or\" highest prize, which is basically an Oscar for the watch.
Now that I know this watch, I know why.
This is a mechanical and design tour. Girard-
Perregaux has spent five full years of research and development, creating a new way to surpass time.
It uses vibration 14-
Micron grade silicon blade-
Six times thinner than human hair.
It is powered by two energy reserves to drive this thing at an amazing speed of 21,600 times an hour.
Usually, these \"new movement\" watches look very jarring, and I find that it does take some time to learn to easily discern time as they constantly cross the rails.
But once you figure out the logic of it, whether you believe it or not, $123,000 is actually the value price of this wine.
The bottom line is that there is this thing on your wrist that appears anywhere in the world, and if you can\'t make a deal, your problem is bigger than your watch.
Nice to see all of you!
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