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Release Time: August 4, 2012 17:00 EDT | Update Time: August 4, 2012 17:00 EDT designer shoulder bag never Real for I done this. No, really.
I\'m sure, in the luxury world, this is tantamount to evil, but I never got it.
I always thought they were too weak, the market was a bit down, a little research, even if they were 30-year-
The old crocodile, the beaver, or the kind of plastic I have collected, they are now using it to build the International Space Station.
No, for me, the shoulder bags look like men wearing them carry them with them because they are wearing expensive and excessive clothes
Designed sneakers-to reflect their \"rich but alternating\", independent spirit, cool (
Possible to start with capital K)
They don\'t have a truck with a tie, suit or shoe oil and never will.
I always imagine my shoulders.
Bag people are bald too early, a little nervous, easy to ignore success like a disease.
The Guardian reports that even if he is in a heavy role, he wants us to know that his wealth is good and that he openly discusses human rights issues (
Well, at least the part he can understand.
He did his best to be fair-
Trade coffee, even if he makes coffee at the new 7-point breakfast
The Star Hotel will charge him a privileged fee of 18 euros.
If you carry a backpack, it tells everyone that you really care about the important things: Third World debt, cultural imperialism, cheese imported from the small place of daaaahling next to the new King\'s Road is very expensive, it looks like it opened in 1983, but in a completely convincing way of sarcasm
However, the tote bag is a completely different ball game and a completely different kettle
Expensive fish.
It is basically an expensive tote bag with the same shape and is only about a million times more expensive.
Unlike canvas and linen bags that sell themselves as lifetime bags, handbags appear every six months, and colors, materials and sizes are becoming more and more complex.
The first one anyone remembers is the leather weaving that Bottega Veneta showed at the beginning of Noughties.
Although this is a product of wealth (
How rich! )
In the men\'s clothing sector, this also quickly became another thing to encourage men to buy.
At the beginning of the recession, the catwalk was suddenly packed with all kinds of things, and the model stumbled off the runway wearing a hat, watch, sunglasses, waistcoat, cloak, scarf, etc, and carried people-
The designer believes that customers can be encouraged to return to the store for bags, handbags, shoulder bags, handbags, umbrellas, oversized wallets, computer boxes and anything else.
This handbag is very popular and is a new accessory that really attracts the imagination of men.
We don\'t need it, but we believe we want it.
At Milan\'s latest men\'s wear show, most designers took their models to the runway with a handbag or two.
The biggest one I see is in the port, bright lime green)
Every season is the same.
Recently, the iPad has helped a lot with the success of this bag, as men now realize that handbags and oversized sunglasses are the easiest to carry, moisturizer, probably a book or two (
One of 50 gray fake faces or 1,000 annoying new urban methods).
This handbag has Tardis-
Like the quality, it can be very enlightening to watch men take things out of the inside as they are looking for a pack of gum that obviously falls to the bottom.
A few weeks ago, I saw a young man empty his room at the Armani Hotel in Milan, which reminded me of seeing one of my old girlfriends empty her Mini: half
After eating chocolate bars, empty packs of cigarettes, simple red cd, lipstick, at least four parking tickets, a shoe, a phone number that was hastily scribbled on the hotel coasters,
Tuna sandwich.
But apparently no gloves.
This means that as the luggage gets bigger and bigger, when the file Fax gets so big that you can double the stuff, we \'ve actually gone backwards to 80
Their chest suit.
While iPads collects all our digital information and stores it in a tin box of no more than a thick sheet of paper, the bags we carry now look like suitcases. Fashion.
Always more strange than fiction
Especially when it is packed in a bag.
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