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5 care and maintenance tips for your travel luggage

by:Bestway     2020-06-22
Increase the life of travel luggage by maintaining travel luggage.
It should not take up a lot of your time.
Travel bags can still save a lot of money from your budget.
You will want to extend the life of the travel bag so that you will not spend money on a new one soon.
Here are some of the best care and maintenance tips you would like to use: 1.
Wash your bag before and after the trip.
Before traveling, vacuum it a little to remove the accumulated dust.
You can also try wiping with a wet towel to collect dust particles.
After traveling, make sure you try to check the damaged parts.
Find out if there are torn seams or any protruding screws.
Repair the torn seams.
Clean the casters of your rolling bag.
Remove the accumulated dirt under the bag.
Clean up before storage. 2.
You can wash canvas bags.
Try washing your hands with warm water and mild detergent.
Don\'t add bleach.
You can remove dirt particles or hard skin stains with softbristled brush.
Gently loosen the hardened stains or dirt on the bag. 3.
Lubrication parts.
Lubrication may be required for rolling wheels.
After a long period of storage, the wheel movement may encounter problems.
You should use lubricating oil.
Use the same product on the retractable handle of the bag.
If your travel bag has metal zippers, you can also try to lubricate them.
They may get stuck after a while. 4.
Repair and replace damaged parts immediately.
Don\'t wait for those small cracks to turn into big holes.
Fix them right away.
You should also replace the broken one.
Especially retractable handle and rubber wheel.
Most plastic wheels do not work well when carrying heavy objects.
Try replacing them with rubber wheels.
Rubber wheels can be moved easily.
In addition, the rubber material has good elasticity, so it is not easy to damage. 5.
Try the luggage case.
Many luggage stores specialize in covers.
Find a company that sells luggage cases and see if they sell them for your travel bag brand.
Choose the cover of the right size.
If not, they can customize a lid for your bag.
These covers will help prevent stains and dirt from settling in your bag.
Taking care of and maintaining your travel luggage, as expected, is not a huge hassle.
So try these simple tricks and you can add a few more years to your travel bag.
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