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7 plus size fashion bloggers you need to follow on Instagram

by:Bestway     2020-07-04
Look for some stylish inspo on the bank holiday weekend. Look at these blogs and they all have a lot of style and attitude, but definitely not your typical No. 8 fashion waifs.
Our top fashionistas make it clear that fashion has nothing to do with thin: Ashley Rose\'s curve blog is designed to prove that size should not damage your style.
You will love her breeze and pretty much all the trends are cool.
From the torn skin to the trendy cowboy girl, there are gray nails every time.
The Russian blog, Katerina hasa,
A greedy collection of novel knitwear and cute handbags.
Her attitude towards fashion makes us smile and she is the owner of the most killer coat and boot combo evah.
She looks cool and you\'ll almost find yourself hoping for a bit warmer.
Liz turns to fashion blogs to help other petite ones (She is 5 feet 0)
Add the size of the women to find the style that suits them.
Liz not only has the best vision for accessories (
Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet, please)
She also clearly found the source of youth.
Can you believe this woman is 40 years old? years-
There is little that old fashion designer, blogger, Mary Claire columnist, and television character Nicolas Mason can\'t do.
She took the pulse of all the major trends and it would not be worth it if she did not attend the fashion show. She’s your go-
Bring a high fashion look to the ladies in a retro style.
If you\'re super girlish and love all the flowers and glitter, then Karyn, aka the killer Kurves, is your woman.
Founder of Plus size website KillerKurves, she will solve all your costume puzzles, from what to wear to the wedding, to the best lingerie for curve girls. Phew.
Brazilian model Cleo Fernandes flies over Gisele and she is not only beautiful but also has a beach relaxing style that you want to copy.
She\'s just had a baby too, so there\'s a lot of advice on how to dress up your chest as well as a lot of lovely Boba photos.
Vanessa most def, the Paris blogger, owns je ne sais quois.
Born in Senegal, her team Classics look like a lady with super bright African prints.
With her recent launch of her own costume collection, you can now see some of her looks.
However, her completely infectious smile is not for sale.
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