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7 stylish camera backpacks - buyer\'s guide

by:Bestway     2020-07-01
If you are a professional photographer, you will definitely have a complete photographic gear with multiple cameras and several accessories, including camera lenses, filters, flash lights, camera straps, and more;
This always requires a large package to organize the whole gear and carry it with you anywhere you go to photography.
However, there are many manufacturers today that specialize in the production of camera backpacks, and choosing a camera backpack that suits your needs can be a problem.
So there are a few factors you need to consider before making a final purchase decision, just to make sure you get a backpack that fits your photographic gear, which doesn\'t limit your needs.
How to choose the right camera backpack 1
What you plan to shoot is important: what you plan to shoot is the first thing you need to consider when purchasing your backpack.
The things you are going to shoot, such as the scenery, the birds in the forest, the ocean, and so on, all have their own challenges and need different backpacks. 2.
City and street photography: If you want to take pictures in the center of the city, you need a backpack that will make it easy to move around the street.
On the one hand, street shooting requires mobile and faster access to your photography accessories so you don\'t miss the time worth shooting, you need a backpack that has side access to the camera and accessories, this way you can easily unload what you need without having to drop your backpack.
Most importantly, due to the faster and more reliable internet connection within the city streets, you may want to access the internet with your laptop, which will require a backpack, it has a separate laptop or tablet space so you don\'t miss using the internet when needed.
Finally, the safety of urban streets is very important;
Make sure you go with a not too big backpack, but choose a compact, slim, multi-functional backpack so that people don\'t know what you carry for safety purposes. 3.
Outdoor adventure photography: outdoor adventure photography requires more than a single photographic equipment backpack.
You definitely need to pack more stuff next to your backpack.
Therefore, you need a backpack specially designed for outdoor purposes, which is very spacious and can carry more that you may need for your outdoor adventure. 4.
The storage space or size of the camera backpack is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing the backpack.
Make sure the size you want is the right size enough to carry all your photographic gear in ago.
If there are still fewer camera accessories in your gear and the larger ones may not be necessary, then the small size may be a suggestion. 5.
Shape or shape: the shape of the backpack is another thing you need to consider to make sure you choose a bag with a clever shape that makes you look like a professional.
Some photographers, regardless of shape, ended up buying backpacks designed for something else, not photographic gear. 6.
Manufacturer or brand: quality is very important in photography specialty: you need to make sure that the brand of backpack you buy is of high quality, the manufacturer has been in this industry for a while, and it is known to produce high quality backpacks.
Some wells-
Well-known brands are trustworthy;
Peak, Tenba, Tamrac, Lowepro, MindShift and think tank.
Best camera backpack 1
Amazon backpack is one of the best camera backpacks to buy on budget.
In fact, the price of Amazon\'s basic backpack on Amazon is well below $100, making it one of the best-selling backpacks at the moment.
In addition, the backpack comes with extra space enough to carry all the photographic equipment you can think of and not even have to leave one of them because of the space.
In addition, there are two extra small pockets outside the backpack, where you can store small items if you have keys, mobile phones and MP3 players.
It has two larger zip pockets outside and is suitable for storing things like notebooks, maps, manuals, lightweight jackets, etc.
Still outside, with side straps and flexible ropes on the front, it is very easy to hold a compact tripod or umbrella.
Inside the AmazonBasics backpack, the main compartment has two clear, fairly large zip pockets to store very small items like memory cards, USB drives, and batteries.
The main compartment of the backpack is equipped with a soft fabric lining covering the entire backpack, providing extra protection for delicate accessories, which is the best brand when you have delicate items in your photographic equipment.
It has removable foam partitions so that if the space is too small to carry all the items in the photographic gear, you can create more space for your gear.
Finally, the AmazonBasics backpack is very comfortable and easy to carry even on a long walk: This is because it is easy to adjust, the shoulder strap is firm, and the wider adjustable waist and chest strap, this makes the Amazon Foundation more comfortable and can carry all the photographic equipment loaded inside with you.
The brand Amazon backpack is a premium brand for Amazon backpack manufacturers.
The backpack comes from China and is made of pure black, black and blue colors.
Equipped with accessories such as SLR/SLR camera.
The MaterialAmazonBasics backpack comes with a powerful and heavy duty nylon
Made of plastic, the backpack is durable and partially waterproof-proof.
When it comes to durability due to the need for many accessories to be placed in a backpack, think about the AmazoBasics backpack because it is made of very sturdy materials.
The weight of the WeightAmazonBasics backpack is 2 lbs and is very easy to manage.
7 pounds, this is also the measurement of the weight of transportation.
This weight indicates that the backpack is made of high quality material and will last longer even if you use it to carry many photographic accessories on the go.
The size of the StorageThe AmazonBasics backpack is 11*6*14, which is impressive.
5 inch, which makes it have enough internal storage space to carry the entire photographic equipment and other accessories such as 2 smaller SLR/DSLR camera bodies, 3 to 4 lenses, as well as additional small accessories such as batteries, memory cards, flash drives, mobile phones: Outside, there are extra zip pockets to carry umbrellas, notebooks, maps, manuals and more photographic supplies.
Advantages of AmazonBasic backpack :-
Spacious with full photographic gear and extra small accessories
AmazonBasics backpack is very affordable and can be owned by anyone --
The backpack is very durable because it is made of stronger material
The AmazonBasics backpack is very comfortable and can carry the AmazonBasics backpack for a longer time :-
The Amazon backpack is not entirely water.
May not be suitable for some outdoor photography activities.
However, there is always a choice that you can use plastic sheds during the rainy season. -
Since it is only black, it does not give the color preference freedom and the other option is black and blue. 2.
Altura photo backpack is one of the best-in-
There is a camera DSLR backpack on the market today.
Made of durable materials, the backpack is one of the main impressive features of the Altura photo backpack, which ensures durability.
On the other hand, this amazing backpack is designed with protection, comfort and style in mind, making it one of the best backpack options when you need to get comfort and fashion from your backpack.
In addition, the Altura photo backpack has enough storage capacity, which is very important when you want to carry the entire photographic equipment that includes many accessories and small items.
The main compartment of the Altura photo backpack is fully customizable so that you can adjust it without any restrictions to meet your storage needs;
You can easily carry 2 DSLR cameras, 4 to 6 lenses, flash lights and other small items that may be part of your gear.
In addition to this, the Altura photo backpack can still accommodate a laptop and a tablet up to 13 and 10, respectively.
This is due to the spacious interior size of 12. 5*17*5.
5 inch, external size 13*18*7.
1 inch, providing it with all the space needed for photographic equipment.
The backpack is equipped with waterproof nylon material, which is one of the best materials for making high-quality and durable backpacks today.
It also has solid stitching that makes it look stronger and can carry very heavy photographic accessories that other brands of backpacks can\'t do.
The design of the backpack also takes into account many factors that the photographer may need to travel long distances and it can easily be placed under the seat of the airline, instead of having to worry about where to put your backpack while traveling abroad or going to a distant town or city.
BrandThe Altura photo backpack is Goja\'s premium brand, and Goja is one of the most popular manufacturers of premium, durable and stylish backpacks that any professional photographer will envy.
Altura photo backpack is made of high quality and longlasting water-
Insect repellent nylon, reinforced with strong stitching, gives it a strong final look that other backpacks can\'t offer.
The weight of the Altura photo backpack is impressive and weighs 3 kilograms.
9 pounds, this is also the exact weight at the time of shipment.
Weight sure the backpack is made of high quality material and will last even if you use it to store the photographic accessories you may have.
Altura photo backpack is one of the backpacks that provides enough storage space: This is because it can accommodate 1 to 2 DSLR cameras, 4-
For professional photographers, 6 lenses, flash drives and other photography devices, large and small, are essential.
Advantages of Altura photo backpack-
The backpack provides enough storage for all photographic items-
I am made of quality material and therefore very durable
Provides maximum comfort and can be used remotely without any discomfort-
It\'s a more affordable Altura photo backpack-
The backpack is not fully waterproof and is not recommended for use during the rainy season. -
The backpack is slightly heavier than other quality backpacks. 3.
Introduction to Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro: Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro is a camera backpack suitable for storing photographic equipment with a large number of accessories to carry with you.
On the other hand, the Flipside 400 AW Pro can also be served in urban spaces and natural environments.
The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW pro is equipped with adjustable storage capacity that can be easily adjusted to allow the storage of the Pro DSLR camera and up to 6 additional lenses, flash lights, etc.
In addition, it takes safety into account, the softer materials used internally ensure that all your attachments are safe, even in an environment where you should be very concerned about your photographic equipment.
In order to increase the top, even when moving from the unique rear compartment, the reverse side can be very easy to access the camera and other accessories, you don\'t need to put your backpack on the ground, you can access what you have stored in it.
More importantly, its reverse side provides comfort when carrying it, as it comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps and belts.
It also has a moisture absorbing back pad, which makes it ideal for long uphill work, or for use in summer when temperatures are very high.
On the other hand, the material used to make this amazing backpack ensures that your photographic equipment is safe even during the rainy season, as water cannot easily enter to interfere with your stuff.
Therefore, in order to provide the best protection for your camera and basic equipment, it is easy to reach your photography items even during the trip, you need to have the Lowepro Flipside 400 wa dslr backpack.
BrandLowepro Flipside 400 wa dslr is a quality brand of Lowepro: manufacturers have been engaged in the backpacking industry for a long time and their products are of reliable quality.
The MaterialLowepro 400 wa dslr backpack is made of polyester fiber, one of the high quality materials for making the backpack.
Even if you will carry a large number of photographic items, this ensures maximum durability.
The weight of 400 wa dslr is 1.
6 kg, this ensures that the material used in making the Lowepro reverse backpack is stronger, heavier, and durable.
StorageFlipside 400 wa dslr is equipped with enough space, which is a necessary condition to carry photographic equipment without worrying about storage space: in the backpack you carry with you, including the DSLR camera, 6 additional lenses and other small accessories.
The advantages of leipside 400 W digital SLR camera --
Backpack is water
Proved to be the ideal choice for rainy season use
Have enough storage space
Use rain cover during the rainy season-
Comfortable considering-
It is made of polyester, a material of high quality and durability
Equipped with adjustable interior compartment to create more space when low epro reverse 400 wa dslr is required
Only black, free to use regardless of color
A backpack is not for a laptop, but a tablet.
Introduction: Lowepro photo lift back 22L AW is a spacious backpack that can hold a DSLR camera between 18 and 105mm, as well as store up to 3 lenses and other photographic accessories.
The backpack comes with a dedicated separate department where you can store an iPad or tablet with many security design features.
On the other hand, you can turn the Lowepro photo lift back 22L AW backpack into a backpack by removing the box inside, which makes it a multi-purpose backpack.
In addition, the backpack is equipped with side access, you can easily access the gear even during the trip, you do not need to remove the backpack from the back, so you can access your gear.
In addition to this, this amazing backpack comes with a top loading compartment that can be used to store the smaller accessories that may be in your gear.
This feature provides more storage space for backpacks, and almost any accessories can be carried with you.
In addition to the top compartment, the 22L AW provides an extra water bottle space so that you can carry some water with you when the outdoor busy shooting day.
The water bottle room is spacious enough to accommodate small personal items such as keys, pens, etc.
More importantly, the backpack comes with adjustable straps, which may need to be adjusted according to the height of the person carrying the backpack.
More importantly, this backpack is made of 210D nylon and tear-proof polyurethane. it is durable and waterproof.
It proves comfortable to carry a longer distance.
Finally, with all the impressive features of this backpack, it is eligible for use in the wild and maintains the same quality as it for a longer period of time.
BrandLowepro photo lift back 22L AW backpack is another premium brand of Lowepro and is considered the best thanks to its unique features such as easily converting it to daypack
The MaterialLowepro photo lift back 22L AW is made of the best 210D nylon tear-proof polyurethane and is considered one of the best materials to make a backpack.
Lowepro\'s amazing backpack weighs 1 pound.
0 kg, this is a very impressive weight when it is empty.
StorageLowepro photo lift back 22L AW backpack comes with a number of features that will be spacious after adjustment with 18-
105mm, up to 3 lenses, iPad or tablet, and other small accessories that can be placed in the top compartment.
Advantages of Lowepro photo lift back 22L AW :-
As a day-
Wrap by removing the box inside
With a larger storage space including a top compartment
Made of high-quality and durable materials to make it durable
With adjustable back strap for easy carrying Lowepro photo lift back 22 l AW-
Relatively expensive-
Does not accommodate laptop5.
Introduction to Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW camera case: Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW camera case backpack is a full
Season backpacks, designed for perfect shooting during outdoor adventures such as mountain climbing and skiing.
The backpack is made of high quality material and will bring you comfort when the back is back, which makes it more suitable for long adventure trips, which may be when you have the wrong backpack
The Lowepro backpack can easily get the equipment at the back even during the trip, and you can remove the backpack to get the equipment.
In addition, it can accommodate many accessories, including pro DSLR, up to 4 lenses, and other small items that may be needed for outdoor shooting.
Most importantly, the Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW camera case comes with a full
Weather AW cover, it provides protection for gears when the weather is bad or it rains.
Brand: Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW is a high quality product
Consumer brand from Lowepro, the predecessor of the Whistler BP 350 Aw, with almost similar but exceptional new features that will get better outdoors.
Material: More importantly, the Lowepro backpack is made of 420D rip
Stop nylon with a TUP coating, which makes it durable, waterproof and very comfortable to carry on the back.
Weight: Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW weight 7.
3 pounds, shipping weight 7.
8 pounds thanks to the small accessories it comes.
Storage space: The Lowepro backpack comfortably accommodates the Pro DSLR camera, up to 3 lenses, and some small accessories that may be needed for outdoor travel.
Advantages of Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW :-
Outdoor Shooting-
Spacious enough to carry a full range of outdoor gear
Made of high quality materials with durability and comfortComes with all-
Weather AW Cover for extra protection-It is water-
Proofreading of Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW :-
A little more expensive than other Whistler BP brands
May not be used as a day-
Due to the inability to adjust function 6, pack when needed.
Introduction to the key points of the think tank photo airport: If you are a photographer, whether domestic or international, you can take the think tank photo airport key points, so far, this is considered the best travel camera backpack on the market.
In addition, airport essentials can comfortably accommodate standard DSLR, up to 6 standard zoom, iPad or tablet, and Mac Book Retina laptops up to 15 kbps.
In addition to the laptop and iPad pocket, the Airport Photo Airport Essentials backpack comes with an extra top pocket where you can keep your boarding pass when you need it for easy removal.
More importantly, this amazing backpack comes with a removable belt, side water bottle pocket, tripod and Mono
The pod mounting system and sealed rain cover through the line.
Brand: think tank airport essence backpack is a quality brand of think tank and an experienced manufacturer of high-quality backpack.
Material: think tank airport essential backpack is made of high quality material including nylon and more durable, you can use it for a long time before considering buying a new backpack.
Weight: necessary backpack for think tank Airport, weight is 4.
7 pounds, is also the weight of the shipment.
The weight proves that this backpack is made of high-quality and durable materials.
Storage: Think Airport Essentials comfortably accommodates standard DSLR cameras, up to 6 zoom, iPad, and laptops.
In addition, it comes with a top pocket for the boarding pass and an extra side pocket for the water bottle.
Airport must-have think tank professionals-
Best backpack for travel-
Large storage capacity
IPad and laptop can be accommodated
Make durable and quality materials to provide comfort to think tank airports
May not be suitable for other outdoor shooting-
Relatively expensive.
Introduction to Lowepro Flipside 500 AW Pro: Lowepro Flipside 500 AW Pro is a large
The capacity outdoor backpack is designed for professional photographers who need to carry large lenses with them for adventure shooting.
The Flipside 500 AW pro is equipped with a unique rear entrance compartment that makes it easy to reach the gear when the backpack rotates to the front.
In addition, the 500 AW pro has enough storage space that can be achieved by adjusting the voltage divider system in the camera compartment.
This backpack also comes with a contoured shoulder strap and a thickened belt that gives the Lowepro backpack amazing comfort when it comes to the back.
In addition, the Flipside 500 AW pro comes with
Built in all weather AW Cover, this is very helpful to protect gears from the rain, the possible damage caused by dust, and when you walk along the coast, there is sand.
More importantly, the backpack has a front compartment for storing the tablet, and its design makes it very easy to remove the tablet or put the tablet back in place.
Brand: Lowepro 500 AW pro, another premium brand from Lowepro, has many features that make it a better brand than most backpacks.
Material: The Lowepro 500 AW pro is made of 100% fabric, which gives it a nice look, extra comfort and durability, which is always a problem for most camera backpacks: the weight of the lowepro 500 AW pro Backpack is 4 kilograms.
4 pounds, the weight of the shipment is 4.
6 Additional items shipped with it.
Storage: This amazing backpack is very spacious and can store many accessories including pro DSLR with handle and 500mm lens, 1-
2 extra body, up to 4 lenses, Flash, memory card, tripod and Mono
Pod, tablet and other resources used during Lowepro 500 AW backpack photography-
Very spacious and easy to carry the whole equipment
Made of high quality materials, durable
Can accommodate tablets in one of the compartments
Convenient for accessories for Lowepro 500 AW backpack-
More expensive-
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