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9 best bucket bags

by:Bestway     2020-04-17
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A bucket bag will soon become the hardest --
Work bag in wardrobe
It will fit all your daily necessities-usually a little more-and most people have a cross
This is a very practical accessory.
The pull rope closure tends to keep it at the casual end of the bag spectrum, but depending on the size, it can work for a dayto-
The option for the evening is more suitable than your phone and lipstick, unlike some small clutch.
We chose a series of bags from the latest series (
Except for a vegetarian).
Although these are all slightly different from popular trends, they are classic variants that will play a role in the coming seasons and years, and believe us, it is worth investing in. 1.
Suwaji leather Barrel Bag: £ 105, other StoriesScandi brands and other stories have become a hot topic for us
Shopping on the street-
Leather bags of reasonable price and superior quality.
Made in soft brown leather, this one is as simple as a bucket bag, with a pull cord closed and a simple look.
Think about it inside: Your phone has a bag, a zipper
Valuables and d-
Call so you don\'t lose the key at the bottom.
There are also black ones. Buy now2.
London Raven ton barrel bag Lost and Found: 235, Lost and Found in London lost and found in the traditional way to make bags in the capital, and try to be as friendly to the environment as possible in the process.
Suntan leather and off wrapped in vegetables-
Use cutting as much as possible.
They have taken the trend of barrels with a pleasant lazy Riverton, which has been reduced-
Beautiful back, no metal bag body.
There is a discreet blind relief sign with a zip pocket for valuables inside.
It has two sizes and you can choose either black or brown or this --with-Everything is gray. Buy now3.
Radley Chancery small grab bag: 179, RadleyMore is more organized than some on the list, this neat little bag from Radley Fall/Winter Series is small enough to work for a dayto-night dressing.
Smooth and textured leather panel, striped lining and gold-
It has luxurious tone hardware.
The adjustable strap means you can wear it as a cross
Or you can hold the handle with a zipper
Pocket of valuables.
Radley\'s bag always gets points for practicality, and there are metal bolt feet on the bottom that don\'t wear out easily.
It has four colors, including what the brand calls \"orange\", but we\'ll say it\'s more of a red coral.
Anyway, it\'s great for hot summer, but you won\'t want to put it away in the fall. Buy now4.
Topshop Patchwork Bucket Bag: £ 75, Topshop this is a good price for the side and zig-for a leather handbag-
Zagging on the handle makes it stand out on one line
Black barrel bag on the street.
There is a removable cross body strap and a zipper
There are pockets of valuables inside. Buy now5.
Cru London Charlotte mini barrel pack: 95, Cru London, you can\'t find the highlights or trends
Led shades of Cru London. All its London-
Portuguese design
The made bag has classic colors and can see you in different seasons.
Caramel, chocolate brown and black are all marked with red zippers.
There were two barrels in the collection and we fell in love with the new N-Charlotte.
Smooth leather on the front and back, suede on the inside and side, knotted on the pull rope, and Poppy
The red zipper is a small detail on it that makes it a cut.
You can wear its oblique crossbody and there will be a caramel version soon. Buy now6.
AllSaints free Barrel Bag: £ 178 All Saints think of AllSaints you think of super
Wearable leather parts with City-cool aesthetic.
But while the brand may be a hit
For motorcycle jackets and so on, its bag collection should not be ignored.
This one is made of three contrasting fabrics-black leather, rustic suede and camel canvas-twisted on the classic barrel shape, bent in the middle, with a magnetic closure on the top.
Without seeing the metal hardware, it will enter the boho look that is everywhere this season.
If you like the shape, free also has a version of brown suede and a smaller size and a longer shoulder strap. Buy now7.
Notting Hill in Akane: £ 499 here is another London-
You should get into your radar.
Esin Akan designs elegant bags for busy women.
Therefore, they are made of gorgeous leather with a non-fading aesthetic and are widely used.
Notting Hill is not only a fashion in-
The stylish backpack, but also pulls the zipper open to reveal a contrasting side panel, which gives you more space-it\'s big enough, can accommodate a small laptop or A4 file-and give it a little advantage with an exposed zipper.
There\'s a zipper inside.
Up and a bag compartment, shoulder straps and straps can be separated.
We have followed the black cherry and peach version for this fall, but it also has shades of black/sand, Navy/sand and gray.
This is not cheap, but it is actually two bags and one, and you support new talent as well. Buy now8.
Camosio double/Pel.
Vit: 225, CoccinelleThe barrel bag is the classic shape of more than 70 bags, so from the autumn and winter series of Italian brands, this one is mustard, which is synonymous with ten years,The over-
The size of the tassel gives it an update of 2016, a bit of a luxurious touch that caught our attention-in fact, its lining is dark burgundy leather, also on the tassel, the handle is dotted with metallic suede.
Shoulder straps are removable and also available in Burgundy or black. Buy now9.
Matt & Nat Livia: £ 105, Matt and NatAnyone after the vegetarian pack should look at accessories that are sustainably produced by the Canadian brand Matt & Nat.
Its new barrel bag Livia has five chic shades.
The inside is spacious with a bag of mobile phones or smaller parts you need easy access to and a zip compartment.
The straps can be extended so that you can go through the body or wear them on your shoulders, just like all the matte and Nat bags, the lining is made of recycled plastic bottles.
We like all the colors, but we will choose this richblue if we have to choose.
From 15 July VerdictOur pick on the street, you can buy the super of is & Other Stories
Useful barrels that can be used with everything, spacious enough to meet all your needs of the day.
If you want an Englishman
Works designed by independent designers, we like two of London\'s stylish and simple Rivington or Esin Akan-in-
Notting Hill during the day.
If you play lightly-we\'re talking about the phone, the wallet, the lipstick-go to the Cru\'s small --but-perfectly-
Charlotte is formed with its unique red zipper.
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