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9 of the best makeup bags

by:Bestway     2020-02-25
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If you\'re tired of looking around at the bottom of your bag for mascara or blush brush, it may be time to find something for yourself to put in.
Help save your makeup and keep your brush clean, a small bag will become as important as any of your other beauty products.
With a lot of choices, you can choose something that suits your personality.
Equip yourself with our top selection.
White Company leather cosmetics BagGlorious white leather makes this a simple luxury.
The half zipper opens the bag well to make it easier for you to reach all the products.
The disgusting lining is very strong and deep and wide enough to store your essentials.
49 years old, White Company, now buy Charlotte Tilbury version 3rd canvas Bagas, the little figure, as the designer himself, is decorated with a golden kiss and a word, \"Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world. \"
A lovely lipstick charm is added to the zipper, which is the perfect choice for charm lovers.
Charlotte Tilbury, 32, bought it now. The Ananas bag of Elizabeth Scarlett Ananas purple velvet pochelizabeth Scarlett proved to be very popular,
It is not difficult to see why;
Made in lavender velvet and decorated with Elizabeth\'s pineapple illustrations, this is a beautiful sight.
It is 30 cm long enough to accommodate most of your makeup arsenal.
Elizabeth Scarlett, £ 25, buy the Oliver Bonas letter makeup bag now and make things personal with Oliver Bonas\'s signature letter bag.
In this fantastic creation, the gray canvas meets the mint zipper with two convenient inner pockets.
The bottom is wide, and it\'s a good shape for those who like to take everything out, because it\'s easy to stuff things in.
£ 15, Oliver Bonas, buy Kate Spade classic nylon Minna Bagh now and enjoy a bit of luxury, go to Kate Spade, where you can choose the sights, stripes and cute patterns are hard to choose only one.
Our favorite is this classic Breton design, made of durable woven nylon with Jersey backing and wiping
Jersey lining.
It\'s easy to keep clean, with a brush holder and internal pockets to keep everything clean and tidy.
Better yet, it\'s completely open (
Kind of like a suitcase)
It\'s much easier to look around.
Kate Spade, £ 115, now buy Katie lockston a bag of TricksKatie Loxton\'s perfect pouch that looks a lot more expensive than the actual price.
There are ten different colors and you can find your perfect color, each with a very cute sentence engraved.
Our favorite is the \"trick pack\", but aqua \"all my\" is a good contender.
It is made of a gold zipper and leather fabric, very slim and can even be used as a night pack.
Too beautiful for yourself.
John Lewis, 17 years old, we have always liked marble for the past few months, and this soft faux leather bag is the perfect summary of this love.
Copper can enhance the look, which is very low profile.
Just 20 by 11 cm, a great handbag companion.
17, Spectrum, buy the mulberry Berry Bugatti leather cosmetics pochclassic red leather right now, this vibrant pouch is the ultimate choice for luxury lovers.
It is true that it is quite a lot of money spent on cosmetic bags, but the simple design makes it classic and will last for years if properly maintained.
Lined with Napa leather, it is strong and beautiful in appearance.
There are royal blue.
£ 195, John Lewis, buy it now, skinny dip in frozen bagels glistening, fun and girly, make this little bag a good one to carry with you on a night out
As we all know, the bar toilet can be very scary, so this jazz number will give you motivation to face it bravely if necessary.
The shape of the cuboid also makes it easy to store the brush.
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