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9 super cute beach bags from amazon you won’t believe are under $35

by:Bestway     2020-06-10
Sometimes you just want to look cute when you go to the beach-we get it.
It seems that celebrities always look the best when they are on vacation, so why can\'t we follow suit?
Summer is coming soon and it\'s time to start thinking about your beach wardrobe (
Yes, this is one thing! ).
So you have your super fab swimsuit ready, but what about a bag?
If you don\'t have a dedicated beach bag, you might consider buying one.
How many times have you taken your handbag lying around, either not for everything you have or not the best option to go to the wet beach?
Did it, did it.
Have a real beach bag to make your life easier
Many of them are very spacious so you can meet all your necessities (
Hello waterproof mascara! )
, They are made of materials that are waterproof, fast dry or not easily submerged by sand.
We love this colorful straw bag with cotton rope handle with waterproof and sand-proof double lining (
Can accommodate 30 pounds)
This waterproof tote bag has 25 beautiful floral patterns.
Below, we collect some of Amazon\'s loveliest beach bags under $35 so you don\'t have to sacrifice your stylish beach look or bank account! Buy It!
Beach handbag with cotton rope handle and pompball, $26. 99; amazon. comBuy It!
Big summer bag with pocket, $16. 99; amazon. comBuy It!
Multi-purpose beach bag handbag with QOGiR neoprene, $32. 99; amazon. comBuy It!
Tote bag with large color zipper stripe beach bag, $34. 95; amazon. comBuy It!
OdyseaCo Baja beach bag, $26. 94; amazon. comBuy It!
$16 DII Boho striped beach bag. 99; amazon. comBuy It!
Latterridge and King tote bag with rope handle for $14. 99; amazon. comBuy It!
Initial canvas tote bag for $16 mud pie. 95 (orig. $20); amazon. comBuy It!
Backpack with Esvan original floral tote bag, $14. 99; amazon.
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