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a grocery store\'s plan to shame shoppers for using plastic bags completely backfired

by:Bestway     2019-11-09
Humiliating your customers will definitely stop them from patronizing your business frequently, right? It\'s very wrong for a grocery store in Vancouver.
David Kwen, the East and West Market owner, has implemented a colorful way to encourage his shoppers to bring their own reusable bags.
For customers who forget about them, their groceries are on their heads --
Turn plastic bags reading \"wholesale of shaving cream\" into strange adult video mall or \"colon care company\"Op.
\"The idea is to make consumers feel ashamed of using plastic bags and turn them into eco-friendly products
Friendly, reusable package.
Instead, people flock to the grocery store to pay five
Cents plastic bags were fined for a unique design.
Kwen apparently did not think of his ecology.
Counter-productive efforts like this.
The bags were meant to serve as a deterrent, but Kwen was not overwhelmed by his attempts to make customers greener.
\"The underlying problem is that it creates dialogue and that\'s what we actually want to communicate to the public,\" he said . \".
Now, in order to meet the needs of customers at the same time as environmental awareness, Kwen will print the slogan on the canvas tote bag so that shoppers can reuse it.
Plastic bags have become so popular, some peopleof-
City fans have even been asking the owner if they will let the canvas buy online.
One user commented on \"Global Delivery (Australia)please!
Another on the East Coast said she wanted to order some.
There\'s no whole Vancouver-
Plastic bags are prohibited in this city, and customers are charged 5 cents per bag.
In order to phase out plastic bags, Victoria charges 25 cents per plastic bag.
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