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after joe camel

by:Bestway     2019-11-11
Those who doubt American ingenuityS.
Cigarette manufacturers and marketers should check out Cleveland. Opening weekend
Here, a bold new strategy to attract young people to smoke on the kaihoga River has achieved amazing success.
Hot Night Field in Cleveland, a small group of stylish 20-
Some men and women, each with a black canvas bag full of Camel cigarettes, come in and out from over 30 regional bars and clubs.
They are children of the Camel Club in Cleveland, dressed in fashionable clothes, called Twig, Sheff, Ma-
Horses and Frankie boys are known.
Their mission is simple: blend with the customers of the bar and club, make friends with the bar staff, and offer free Camel cigarettes for smokersJ.
Premium Renault brands
The children of the Camel Club seem to belong to them. They are R. J.
Cool Ambassador for Renault
They\'re on the front line-
In a relatively new, millions-
The $ cigarette marketing campaign known as the Camel Club program.
Objectives of the Camel Club Program--
In addition to the obvious goal of increasing sales of Camel cigarettes ---
Is to create an alternative marketing campaign and cigarette distribution network that is not affected by changes in federal regulations or tobacco scores
The lawsuit blocked the court.
In other words, R. J.
Renault has successfully created a sales plan that no longer relies on Joe Camel, annoying giveaways and promotions, or even vending machines to move cigarettes.
Cleveland is just one of a dozen cities in the United States. J.
Renault has begun selling cigarettes through bars and clubs frequented by young people in their 20 s.
Smoking crowd.
My research on the Cleveland Camel Club program shows thatJ.
Renault has almost monopolized cigarette sales in most bars and clubs catering to young people in Cleveland. R. J.
Reynolds created this monopoly by spending more than $120,000 on marketing agreements with club owners, who in turn gave Camel Club children exclusive access to their institutions. R. J.
Renault also targeted the cafe. -
Paradise for young smokers-
And concert clubs with all functionsages shows.
From R a few months ago. J.
Renault and KBA marketing, young and progressive Chicago-
The marketing company that manages the Camel Club project came to Cleveland looking for trendy bars, restaurants, cafes and concert clubs.
There are about 40 nightclubs in the list of scouts.
Next, KBA hired two club members who knew about Cleveland\'s nightlife and rented an office for them.
The club members became KBA\'s representative in Cleveland.
\"Their job is to contact the club owners on the hot list and sign them --
Annual Contract to R. J.
Reynolds\'s exclusive right to promote and sell Camel cigarettes in its agency.
The bar and club owners are stupid not to sign. First, R. J.
Renault offered them $1,000 to $18,000 in cash based on the size of the club and traffic.
For example, according to club industry insiders, a small cafe received $1,000, while a large concert club featuring local and national rock and alternative performances received $17,800. R. J.
Renault has no restrictions on how to use the money.
In addition to cash, R. J.
Reynolds agreed to provide bar owners with bar supplies such as camel drink napkins, ashtrays, personalized matches and neon lights, a marketing strategy similar to the traditional promotion of beer and alcoholic products through local distributors. R. J.
Renault also bought a regular full-
Advertise pages in entertainment publications in each city to collectively promote the club and help print expensive, glossy flyers to showcase their concerts and special events.
After the city manager signed a contract with the Cleveland bar and club owners, they arranged a meeting with the staff of each venue, outlining what they would get from the project.
Each smoking bar or club staff receives free Camel cigarettes, usually several packs, every time a Camel Club\'s child visits.
Staff received Zippo lighter, MagLite flashlight, T-Shirts and hats. In return, R. J.
Reynolds wants these bar staff to smoke Camel products at work and display personal Camel cigarettes behind the bar to promote Camel cigarettes.
According to KBA marketing materials, \"You notice that more people are asking to buy cigarettes from you and increase your tip,\" the city manager should tell the bar staff at their orientation meeting.
Another goal of the Camel Club program is to eliminate vending machines that showcase competitors\' cigarettes, such as the marl Road brand of Philip Morris.
In order to do this, the city manager of KBA encouraged bar and club owners to stop selling cigarettes on vending machines, but to sell Camel cigarettes exclusively displayed at small light kiosks placed behind bars.
Almost all bars and clubs have camel kiosks in the back of the bar with 40 packs of cigarettes inside. Here, too, R. J.
Renault\'s push is hard to reject: eliminating dealers of cigarettes and vending machines-
People in the middle-
Pay more cash.
The image R is associated with the \"cool\" scene. J.
Renault hopes to build through the Camel Club project.
\"By operating in a nightlife scenario, the goal is to reach out directly to the trend influencer, who starts and maintains the trend.
Our connection with trend influencers. . .
\"This will have a lasting impact on the club audience and they will start connecting camels to cool,\" KBA\'s marketing materials wrote . \".
KBA believes that by using Camel Club children and \"low use\"
With radar approaching, the key is the best way we can build our understanding and be part of the scene.
\"Once on site, the camel club kids, who are paid every hour, usually work four to six hours a night, by providing them with fresh food, trying to turn a smoker into a whole pack of Camels in exchange for the rest
Camel cigarettes.
In return, the smoker should fill in an address card called the name generation card, which is passed back to R. J. Reynolds.
According to KBA\'s marketing plan: \"The design of this personal sales method is to, if effectively executed, turn smokers into camels by establishing this subtle communication through us, and it\'s cool to show camel to adult smokers.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, 400,000 Americans die from tobacco every year.
Smoking rates among grade 9 to 12 students rose from 27 to 12.
5% from 1991 to 34.
8% per cent in 1995.
A 1996 study by the University of Michigan shows that smoking among senior high school students has risen to its highest level in 17 years.
It\'s this population group.
Tobacco advocates are concerned that activities such as the Camel Club program have attracted such concerns.
Joe Camel may have died, but his descendants lived well and had a party.
The author is a news editor of The Cleveland Free Times.
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