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all massachusetts maternity hospitals now ban infant formula gift bags

by:Bestway     2019-11-13
This is a welcome news for national health officials and breasts
Recently, several maternity hospitals that are still offering free baby formula gift bags for new mothers have decided to ban this practice.
As of the beginning of July, all 49 fertility facilities in the state had voluntarily canceled the formula gift, making Massachusetts the second state to do so.
Rhode Island Hospital ended the practice in last November.
\"We commend all hospitals for their efforts to explicitly support breast milk
A doctor in the Commonwealth said.
Lauren Smith, medical director of the Public Health Department
As early as 2005, Massachusetts tried to end the practice of free formula milk powder through a statewide ban imposed by the Public Health Commission, but a few months later, the decision was overturned, when-
Governor Mitt Romney replaced lawmakers who supported the ban.
A dozen studies have shown that,
Feeding mothers who receive free formula samples after discharge are unlikely to receive breastfeeding
Feed their babies when they are a month old.
\"Using formula without medical reasons is one of the biggest predictors of breasts
\"Feeding failed,\" the doctor said . \"
Melissa batik, president of the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Alliance.
But the baby formula maker responded that the formula giveaway was improperly accused of choosing not to breastfeed for women because, for example, it was difficult to keep it when they went back to work.
An industry group International Formula Council said in a statement: \"Some critics of the formula sample claim that the study\" always shows \"the duration of the sample in the discharge kit for breastfeeding
\"In fact, the results are not consistent.
Some studies show results, while others do not.
Madi Monford, vice president of the group, added that
Breastfeeding infants who use infant formula are not encouraged, \"may resort to inferior methods of infant feeding, which may lead to serious undernutrition and endanger the health of the baby.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mothers only breast milk.
Feed for the first six months, providing protection for infants with respiratory diseases, ear infections, stomach diseases and allergies. Breast-
Feeding infants also have a lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome and are less likely to become obese adolescents and adults.
Whether or not the free formula has shaken some mothers to stop breastfeeding, those free brands --
The name Formula sample may eventually result in an increase in the cost of the parent
At $700 a year.
According to the analysis conducted by the alliance, for those who adhere to the original high-priced brands, such as Enfamil and Similac, rather than turning to a cheaper generic formula.
Shortly after the state rejected the legislative ban, the voluntary termination of the free formula began to gain momentum in maternity hospitals;
Only seven hospitals in the state banned the use of gift bags in 2005, but by 2010 this figure had risen to 27.
At the beginning of this year, only 12 hospitals were still distributing formula milk.
Part of the trend away from giveaways may be related to National breast milk
The feeding advocacy group has released a list of Birth Centers that ban gift bags and a list that is still offering free gifts for formula milk powder.
At the organization\'s annual meeting, the mother and baby summit said, \"hospital managers told us that they wanted to be removed from the second list . \"
Bobbi Philipp, a pediatrician at Boston Medical Center, participated in the group.
\"Is there peer pressure?
I want to say a little.
UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester decided last fall to stop the free distribution of formula milk powder bags because the agency\'s internal \"pressure\" no longer carries out corporate marketing of any hospital material, Dr.
Alan Del Papa, medical director of the hospital\'s labor and childbirth department, encouraged breastfeedingfeeding.
\"We are now giving women a free canvas bag with a hospital logo, but there is nothing in it,\" Delpapa said . \".
\"We have not complained so far;
No one missed this formula.
Whether the voluntary ban willterm breast-
The feeding rate remains to be seen.
Many women still turn to formula when they sleep for the first time.
Philip noted that if they had trouble with care, they were deprived for a few weeks after leaving the hospital.
Boston Medical Center is the only four in the state that accept \"babies-
The \"friendly\" name of UNICEF and the World Health Organization means that it maximizes the chances of successful breastfeeding
By having the baby stay with their mother to feed, it is not allowed to add formula unless medically necessary, and there is a lactation consultant at hand to guide the new mother. Baby-
Friendly hospitals also cannot accept free recipes from manufacturers, and most hospitals will still accept them even if they do not send samples in gift bags.
Toby hospital in Wareham and Cambridge birth center in Melrose
Wakefield Hospital has become a baby.
Friendly Hospital in the past two years.
\"To be a baby --
\"A friendly Hospital is a very energy-intensive process for a hospital,\" said Smith of the public health department, asking them to add more staff with breastfeeding expertise, and change their practices to enable babies to breastfeed
Feed in half
An hour after birth, when they have a strong instinct to look for the breast and catch it.
Bartick added, \"there is no practical evidence in most hospitals --
Basic Medicine for baby feeding and care, which makes it possible to start breastfeeding
It\'s much harder to feed a new mother.
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