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apple harvest time book bag.

by:Bestway     2020-06-30
In the early fall study of apple harvest, share four or five favorite Apple poems or finger bombs with your family.
This family and school program is a happy, positive partnership.
The contents in the bag include poetry collection, children\'s drawing/writing diary, family reaction diary and related activity props.
Select and print one of the children\'s favorite poems/finger bombs, one for each oaktag table.
Add apple pictures and the appropriate direction of movement. Laminate.
Cut two 9x12 Red construction paper apples for the cover of a children\'s magazine.
Bind the apple-shaped Manila pages into a book, one page.
For home magazines, fold the copy paper in half, cover and bind with colored building paper.
Make a 12x18 building paper apple tree and 10 red apples. Laminate.
The children counted, played, dramatized poems and even invented their own games during their home visits.
Finally, add a Hello family letter to explain the project and define the work to be done. Laminate.
Everyone likes reading, writing, speaking, characters.
Play at home, count, and more. (
One night per family. )
Five for you, five for me, help me share this tree, ten apples fall below 12345678910 of kindergarten teacher Joanne Panon, John ton Thornton School, Rhode Island, share the following ideas-sparker.
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