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by:Bestway     2020-03-04
Handbag made of 5.
25 \"floppy disk.
It can carry bulky objects and at least 15 pounds for a long time.
Perfect for shopping or any of your general needs.
These are what you need, how much they cost me and how much they cost you.
25 \"floppy disk: $20.
100 or free on eBay, salvaged2X15. 75\"X16. 25\" canvas: $3.
Used canvas at 00 art store or free salvagedTape: $1.
00 two rolls of PVC tape (
Either can)
For free, I\'m sure one of your friends has one. 2X1.
Cotton thread or nylon strap: $0.
50 troops left in store or free, 8 nuts and 8 bolts: $5. 36 (
Oak nuts are expensive)
Or free drilling, awl, knife or other punching device: freedom, I believe you have a project that I paid for on this project because I turned it into an art project, because it\'s a prototype.
Now, however, I know how to make them and they will cost me almost no production cost.
I am passing you the instructions for a free tote bag, arranging the disk into a square of three times and three times, with the seams facing up.
Stick the disk together
Don\'t worry about the appearance, because it will cover a layer of canvas (
You may need more tape than the one shown in the picture. )
Carefully flip your disc, arrange it with one of your rectangular fabrics, leaving a half inch of excess on the side you plan to become the top.
Then start sewing the floppy disk onto the fabric.
You should set the sewing machine to make some kind of wide seam, covering the seam between the discs, which saves time, effort and line than sewing alone on each disc.
I sorted out a few possible stitches.
When you\'re done, the disk folds over the extra half inch to form the hem.
You have finished half of the tote bag and now create the other half.
The reason I didn\'t do it all on a long piece of fabric is because the floppy disk is not flexible enough to fold in a sewing machine that you have, neat and decorated on both sides.
Arrange them and stitch them together along three unwound edges.
Remember to use the rear needle in high stress areas such as openings and corners.
Here\'s what the main body of the tote bag should look like when completing my MacPack instructions to learn tips for salvaging straps from the backpack.
Align the handle (
I suggest just outside the middle plate)
Mark their position or stick there with pins or tape.
Drill or poke your hole.
I suggest cutting a small X on the strap you want the hole with a knife instead of drilling through the strap that doesn\'t work.
Then simply connect the straps with nuts and bolts.
Do this for all four straps ends and you\'ll be able to enjoy your bag.
Initially I started the project with only a floppy disk and canvas backup, and then I realized it would be stronger to pack with it.
I had to slow down at the end when I really wanted to finish the project;
However, due to the fact that there are so many layers of plastic and canvas, I need to sew it slowly so as not to damage the needle.
As you can see, these holes are the perfect location for the buttons.
I took this bag in a trial run and carried about 15 lbs of luggage a day without any complaints.
I made this bag with a bag that I wanted to make and a combination that wanted to eliminate the plastic bag because our dog didn\'t have enough shit to need so much.
I saw people holding these canvas or mesh shopping bags and decided to deduce my first instruction sheet using only materials that others can get for free or cheap.
I did this to reduce the number of products in the landfill and to attract others to create their own products.
I would like to thank instuctables for providing a socket for me and many others, and I would like to thank kiln_brick for letting me use his camera and sewing machine.
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