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by:Bestway     2020-03-22
Men love cars, food and beer-not handbags.
They will convince us.
But one of the most typical guys in Queensland was found carrying a \"men\'s bag \".
You can\'t be more manly than the rugby league heavyweight Carl Webb (left), whose sleek black leather handbag stands out more than his injured leg --
To the country of origin.
Could this be a signal?
The man, known as \"real\", finally realized that carrying a bag wouldn\'t make them gay or even urban?
In fact, the men\'s bag is becoming a recognized fashion accessory for modern people, and a logical choice to prevent ugly bumps stuffed with keys, mobile phones, diaries, cameras and wallets
The Brisbane men\'s wear designer Joshua scachelli says it\'s time for more men to start carrying bags and realize the aesthetic and practical value of the bags.
\"When you have a lot of stuff in your pocket, it doesn\'t make your pants very flattering,\" says Scacheri . \".
\"I think we\'ll see more male bags in Brisbane, but it may take a while to catch up with mainstream fashion.
\"Scacheri has many fashionable men\'s bags ---
How to write the Sydney labelu. c.
I\'m in his tough Valley shop. -
He said he had walked out of the gate.
Even the case of the laptop and the camera bag were used as regular day bags, he said.
\"I have a lot of popular snakeskin bright laptop bags.
\"Scacheri said that the width of the bag of the perfect man should be very thin, preferably leather, with some texture, making it more masculine in appearance and with the smallest features.
Mary Ibrahim of Red Cordial of Elizabeth Arcade admits that it is surprising how many different types of men are buying men\'s bags now.
The store stores a variety of different styles and sizes through label bumps.
\"The more we see on the windows, the easier it will be for others to accept,\" Ibrahim said . \".
\"You will still get a strange guy, he will say;
\"No, I can\'t do that, but it\'s getting less and less important.
It\'s better than stuffing money, phones and keys into your pocket.
But Ibrahim says men in Brisbane are still conservative in their choice of color and style. -
Choose neutral colors such as gray and Earth yellow, and the texture is extremely small.
Roger David is one of the few mainstream men\'s retail chains that store a variety of men\'s bags.
The men\'s bags are now an increasingly popular fashion accessory, says Ansiya sudexo, store manager at Roger David Brisbane city.
Saucis said that the common problem for male customers when looking for bags is color and practicality.
\"More and more men want to carry something that they can put on their phones, wallets, laptops, diaries and paperwork,\" says Saucis . \".
Roger David serves the boss of the company and offers easier and more casual bags for different occasions.
The collection provides dressier bags for corporate clothing, while the street label bags are more street clothes.
If you like labels, or are ready to pay a lot for the perfect men\'s bag, Louis Vuitton has some of the best designer men\'s bags on the market.
The Bequia leather Trotter GM Man bag is popular with soft combed calf leather, gold brass hardware, double zip closure and multiple compartments to accommodate pens and mobile phones.
Splashed in front of the bag is the Louis Vuitton name in metal rivets.
Scott Harding, a Brisbane Lions player who usually wears sportswear at home, has several casual bags but is only used for practical purposes such as carrying training gear.
But many other team members like to use them as fashion accessories, he says.
\"The times have changed,\" Harding said . \"\"You need them.
\"I do not think they will be looked down;
This is just a personal preference. \"But team-
Cameron Wood\'s partner is not so convinced.
\"I usually wear clothes with pockets,\" Wood said . \"
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