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can you tell the difference between the designer bag and the replica? we expose the fake luxury goods flooding instagram

by:Bestway     2019-11-18
“NEWLY arrived!
\"Write candy on her Instagram post with a love expression.
\"The Nile small hand bracelet bag.
Entrusted seller for hot sale in Newin
\"This photo shows the six versions of the handbag that Chloe is popular with in different colors.
The designer designed suede lint and small psoriasis bag retail price is 1,190.
But on Candy\'s Instagram,
The exterior version with the embossed logo costs less than $218 (£155). Candy -
His Instagram is active in writing.
It\'s one of thousands of sellers selling designer fakes using social media apps.
She has 1,419 followers on Instagram and is called \"trusted seller\" in her reply \"--
Reddit\'s forum for women who often buy \"replicas\" online.
Before you see that she used the reply tag and sold 270 Gucci belts for $60, the items on her page were not obviously fake (£43).
Some fakes are also amazing.
They look like they are.
No \"guci\" error herewith authentic-looking labels.
While some of the more expensive replicas are also made of high quality materials, they still have a leather smell.
Selling fakes is illegal, and Instagram removes the page of anyone trying to sell designer fakes in a post.
But people like candy solve this problem by creating a new account after the last account is closed.
They tell their trusted customers their new details through WhatsApp and then
Weaving community for regular buyers (
There are 11,000 responses on Reddit
Share the details of the new account with each other.
On 2016, a report on fakes on Instagram found that 750,000 of posts on top fashion brands in 1 out of 5 were fake and/or illegal products.
Andrea stropa, author of the report
Who found 20,892 Instagram accounts selling fake goods
This is still a big problem.
\"It\'s hard to stop them,\" he said . \".
\"The Internet is a great tool for counterfeiters.
They go where potential buyers are.
Instagram is the best social network to sell products because it is very intuitive.
His report found that the most popular fakes were Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Gucci.
The world as a luxuryRise of business (
This year, digital sales of women\'s luxury fashion around the world are expected to reach $12 billion)
The same is true of fake dark underworld.
Major fake sales accounts can have thousands of followers.
For example, there are 16 \"luxury goods\" retailers.
5 k fans who can buy knock on the door
Mark Jacobs, Dior and Gucci from Chinabased account -
1,925 YSL handbag for $263 (£187)-has 5,706.
But others, like the United States
Seller accounts specializing in \"louis vuitton\" and \"chanel\" packages are less than 1,000
It\'s usually because their last page is closed and they just start over.
Many sellers are in the United States while others are in Russia or Asia (
Most of these counterfeit coins are produced in which countries)
But they all went to England by boat.
One buyer said that within six days after she found the seller on Instagram and transferred it via PayPal, she received a £ 96 \"chanel\" wallet.
\"I am very satisfied with my first [replica]experience! !
She wrote on Reddit, recommending sellers who have 9,000 followers on her private Instagram.
The seller\'s information looks the same.
They have phone numbers for WhatsApp or WeChat in their bios (
Popular information services in China)
, And use languages like \"1:1\", \"aaa\" or \"mirror quality\" to indicate that they sell bestquality fakes.
They also tend to use labels like copies (
Slightly less obvious than \"fake\" or \"fake)
There are brands like Gucci and Chanel.
But some sellers are robots.
Or automatic bookkeeping
These are created by large organizations that sell fakes across a wide range.
Due to less personal interaction with these robots, people on Instagram sometimes go out of town to buy fakes from them.
Sabrina Sadiq explained: \"Many fakes were accidentally purchased on Instagram . \" She had already certified 10,000 handbags at the time and now runs the website\'s luxury promise.
\"This is because a lot of people find fake products without trained eyes.
\"She had many clients who had previously been tricked into buying designer bags and could not return them.
From the consumer\'s point of view, this seems to be a No.
It\'s smarter to buy fake goods.
It may be illegal, but morally, it\'s a gray area.
Especially when you get a designer bag that looks and feels like a real deal, but the price is only a fraction.
Carrying fake goods is even acceptable in society.
However, there are also shortcomings.
Some fakes can be made with flammable materials or toxic materials such as lead that have not passed the safety inspection.
These concerns are particularly worrying when people buy fake cosmetics or beauty products.
But Sadiq also warned: \"You can buy a handbag from a child who has been abducted by a parent.
\"So, what can be done to eliminate designer fakes online?
Instagram said: \"If anyone believes that their intellectual property rights have been violated, we urge them to notify us immediately through our reporting tool in order to resolve the problem.
\"The app also removed some wonderful accounts found for this article.
But Stroppa thinks it\'s not enough.
He thinks Instagram should work with designers.
One of his suggestions is for designers to hire someone to ease the use of labels.
For example, Gucci can have employees check every use of Gucci to see if it is associated with a fake account.
If they have a \"real
The app can block and investigate time channels for Instagram.
Some brands are already doing it alone.
Famous Red-
Soled shoes, the main fake target, launched a \"stop counterfeiting\" campaign on social media to monitor fake sellers and \"remove them \".
\"It\'s a good idea, but it still has an impact on the fake business --
Or its happy customers.
On Candy\'s Instagram page, she has customers who thank her for the screenshot.
\"I like, like my items! ” they say.
\"Thank you very much --
Of course, I will order more.
\"Before these customers stop asking for more Chloe bags and Chanel sliders, people like candy will continue to sell them --
No matter how many times their account has been closed.
At the same time, these high
Street bags are a small part of the price for the deluxe edition-so can you tell me the difference?
Also, Primark has launched nine Gucci handbags in the same way, but the price is 4,771 cheaper.
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