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carrying too-heavy backpack can harm students many local teens may pick up lasting posture problems.

by:Bestway     2020-06-30
Signature: Valencia, writer of Amy Reicin staff-Among teen-
Luggage with wheels
The fashion pack is a bit uncool, so Mallory strouser drags her heavy backpack around Valencia High School for a chiropractic adjustment once or twice a month.
According to a recent study on the impact of children and heavy schoolbags on their back and posture, she is not the only one with recurrent back pain.
Many students seem to resist the doctor\'s advice on special backpacks or rolling bags like those used by flight attendants.
\"I want to say that nearly 80% of teenagers
\"The teenagers I see have a pose problem and I will attribute it directly to the heavy backpack,\" said John de Lemos, Newhall chiropractor.
\"Because we are talking about your future and saving your body, you have to save your back.
But by contrast, it\'s cool and hard at that age.
Researchers at Simmons College in Massachusetts recently conducted a study of 345 children and found that 55% of them carry backpack keyboards, exceeding the limit recommended by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons: 15% of the weight
The news is not surprising to 10 people. year-
Old Brittney Ferguson
Grade students who use rolling packages at Holmes primary school.
\"I used this because I used to wear that (backpacks)
\"I have too many books,\" she said . \"
\"I complained to my parents that my back was hurt.
Brittnie said she was more satisfied with her rolling bag and added that she didn\'t care if it was not cool to use the wheel in her senior year.
Her father said they would cross the bridge in a while.
\"As her grades start to rise, it seems that there are more books to take home.
\"She is always hunchback,\" James Ferguson said . \".
But let her decide.
Now all her friends are using this, so it\'s also about fashion.
De Lemos agreed with the researchers to encourage children and adolescents to use rolling packages and to support some school boards to provide students with a set of books for home use and a copy
Curriculum for students to share.
Strouser, a high school student at Valencia, said she had
Many of her classes have lesson books, but since she doesn\'t have enough time to stop between classes, she still has to sell her Spanish textbooks around every day.
\"I think it\'s just part of being a kid, but my shoulder gets hurt and it feels like my back is pulled down,\" said strouser . \".
Her doctor suggested you wear a backpack and prefer a rolling bag, she said.
\"I feel like I brought a uitcase with me. No thanks.
While carrying school books is necessary, the children and parents should look at the contents of the bag every day and make sure everything is essential, says drummers.
\"You have to reduce the load.
He said: \"weigh the children and weigh the backpacks . \"
\"Anything that weighs more than 15% of your child is (creating)
Risk of back pain and postureproblems. \'\' CAPTION(S)
Photo: (2)1)Eighth-
A 13-year-old Sallye Bergland grade student pulls her wheel bag
Researchers recommend avoiding back injuries
Arroyo Seco Juno high school in Saugus
Special report by Sean Dell/Daily News (2)Fourth-
First year student Nathan Metcalfe carries a heavy backpack at Mountain View School.
The researchers recommend that children weigh no more than 15%. David R.
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