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Celebrities are firmly embracing the bum bag trend

by:Bestway     2020-03-25
Troubled by dad\'s image
Stretched out on a terrible, drooping canvas bag, this tramp bag is often the territory of awkward parents who cannot leave their 90 s.
So far.
This seems to be the latest work of post-90 s revival, spanning the fields of fashion, music, art, etc.
Leading a bunch of fashion trendsy elebrities.
Among them, Kendall Jenner seems to be the biggest fan of the Tramp bag today (except for your grandfather of course)-she doesn\'t wear it, but there are two funky belt wallets in recent weeks
One is the fashion Chanel brand for quilting leather and the other is the iconic Louis Vuitton brand. over print.
Well, probably not just what she dug out of the attic.
Miley Cyrus is also considered playing \"Fanny\'s backpack \".
Her full coverage
On Drake print, so what it lacks in high fashion is sure to make up --the-The brilliance of the wall
Rita Ola also joined the trend, wearing this dress
Animal print number.
Can you make a tramp?
We are not sure about the bag, but it is more delicious than people in their 90 s.
Blue star Kate Bosworth jumped up on the tramp as well.
Pack hype, sports this smooth leather number last year.
And not all the girls-Joe Jonas\'s DNCE band teammate Cole Whittle (left, bottom) loved this low profile when the band wandered around Los Angeles earlier this year
Whether he will succeed or not may be for debate.
Beautiful, though.
If you want to keep up with the trend before the holiday season this summer and have a dedicated hobo bag section.
Of course they will.
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