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change to the organic grocery bag tote bag go green

by:Bestway     2020-06-11
Did you stop and think about how many shopping bags you personally used in their store during the year?
According to recent statistics, American families go to stores on average twice a week and 104 times a year.
If considering that you may be using at least two shopping bags for purchase, we will stop overbuying groceries and past favorites.
These 208 plastic bags every year.
Let\'s say we use 208 plastic bags per family.
There are too many plastic bags, and the environment is also very good.
Plastic bags are usually made of polyethylene or other plastic
Called ethylene monomer
Ethylene comes from natural gas and oil.
According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, plastic bags are only 1% recycled.
So what can we do to create a better world?
When you go shopping, don\'t you repeat your bag?
Custom groceries are a great way to earn a green light and a simple lifestyle, and a great way to show the public that you are taking action to stop wasting!
\"If 7% of grocery shoppers in the United States change from green plastic bags to Little Thunder custom grocery bags, we would like to see the incredible benefits: plastic bags for 11 barrels of oil 800 pounds, take it out of the product with the exact phrase you build the community and people, and this is a good example, and you will find that you are a green thinker and leader.
Green doesn\'t mean you have to compromise on style.
The grocery tote bag is beautifully designed and brightly colored, and can be customized in various colors to display the company logo or brand. Fast-
Mobile tote bag with yellow hemp rope handle, with environmental protection design for Earth design.
Jute is made of plant fibers or mesh fibers and is completely organic.
The yellow sacks are equipped with woven rope handles that are comfortably placed in your hand.
Another great thing about using custom grocery boxes is that you never have to worry about the bottom
Grocery bags are more durable than thin plastic bags.
The eco-friendly tote bag is made of biodegradable material, which means that it will not leave any dangerous composite material behind and why you will stop.
Handbags are rapidly becoming a popular promotional product because marketing and sales organizations want their brand to be considered a brand of environmental and concentration.
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