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clear bags only for ariana grande show at rogers place

by:Bestway     2020-06-10
Fans of the singer Ariana Grande Edmonton were reminded that the mandatory transparent bag policy was in effect during a performance at Rogers Square on Thursday.
Fans must abide by the following rules, the Oilers Entertainment Group said on Tuesday: each fan can carry a pack. All bags must be clear/transparent: either plastic, all bags must be no more than 30 centimeters 15 centimeters 30 centimeters clear plastic freezer bags (
Ziploc packages or similar items)
Capacity is also allowed up to four liters, all items must be placed separately in a transparent bag and cannot be placed in an extra bag at the door designated for this purpose, no other luggage is allowed to enter the venuesite check-
At a grand concert in Manchester, USA, 2017 of luggage will be allowed to be storedK.
A suicide bomber killed 22 people and wounded 59 others.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.
\"Everyone . . . . . . Screaming and starting to run \"Ariana Grande played for Manchester, two years ago when the arena bombed Grande for the herSweetenerWorld tour, which began on March 19.
Grande\'s first stop in Canada was Montreal, followed by a performance in Toronto.
After Thursday\'s Edmonton concert, there will be one in Vancouver on Saturday.
The second concert in Toronto is scheduled for June.
Grande also sells transparent handbags on her website.
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