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cops: woman tried to kidnap newborn in tote bag

by:Bestway     2019-11-07
(CBS News)
Garden Grove, California-
A woman was arrested because police said she took a newborn baby from her mother while she was lying in a hospital bed and tried to take the baby out of the building with a large tote bag.
At about 10, the police were sent to the Garden Grove Medical Center. m.
On Monday, an investigation into the attempted kidnapping of a new baby girl. Suspect, 48-year-
Police told cbs kcal television that Garden Grove\'s old Grisel Ramirez posed for hospital staff as he walked into the maternal and child room.
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Ramires left and went upstairs to the fifth floor where both the mother and the newborn lived.
There, she suggested to a mother that she take a shower and prepare for a doctor\'s visit.
Said Jeff.
He said that when the mother took a shower, Ramires put the newborn into a large handbag she carried with her and walked out of the hospital room.
Once the suspect enters another part of the hospital, an electronic sensor attached to the right ankle of the baby girl alerts the hospital staff.
The alarm also locks the door automatically to prevent the kidnappers from escaping.
On Monday, August, the 48-year-old Grisel Ramires was detained.
2012, she was found trying to steal a new born girl from the Southern California hospital with her handbag.
Staff at CBS/AP/Garden Grove police Hospital blocked the suspect and found the girl who was safely sent back to her mother.
The baby was not injured.
Nightengale said the suspect did not cooperate and would not identify himself correctly.
Stacey Butler, a big card reporter, said the police did not understand why Ramirez-
Who has no documents but has lived in the area for 20 years and raised a family
Attempted kidnapping of a newborn
Investigators say this is not the first attempt by Ramires to kidnap a baby.
Last week, at the Western Medical Center in Anaheim, a woman who met the description of Ramires entered the facility.
She began to ask a mother-to-be.
Her actions were enough to arouse suspicion, and the photos and descriptions of Ramires alerted the police.
Butler says Ramires will face life imprisonment.
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