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crazy for anime

by:Bestway     2020-07-05
Comics and animated performances are very popular.
My husband loves to record his favorite animated series, one, and watch it with our son Ken.
I didn\'t pay attention to the show and couldn\'t understand the jargon used, and once I asked them what happened.
Ken replied with full concentration, \"Shhh, I\'ll miss this conversation if I explain it to you.
So I gave up and let them watch calmly.
When a housewife was interviewed on a TV show, she commented that she was moved to tears when the protagonist\'s brother died.
According to my Japanese friend, stories like One Piece focused on friendship, working relationships and perseverance are popular.
They teach teamwork and how to deal with people.
One day, when we were in the car, Ken suddenly asked, \"Did you see it?
Wow, there\'s a character decal on the back screen of that black car!
A pizza company used the popularity of the anime to promote its unique special suit.
So far, we have received three leaflets in the mail.
When I met my Filipino friend, the first thing I noticed was her new handbag.
There are illustrations of the iconic character Luffy.
Lu Fei, the protagonist of one piece, is a young captain of a pirate ship.
He has superhuman power, and after eating a supernatural fruit as a child, he can stretch his body like a rubber.
The story revolves around the exploits of Lu Fei and his friends in the search for the legendary treasure \"One Piece.
At a shopping mall, I passed by a shop with several bags of photos of the road fly and his crew.
Initial print operation of a well
About 10,000 books of known writers;
However, Eiichiro Oda\'s latest volume of work recorded 4 million volumes published in last November.
The popular comic has been translated into English and released in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Museums and streets have been dedicated to the famous Manka (comic artists)
And their comic characters.
Many comics have been adapted into animated series.
Although I\'m not a fan of Crazy Comics, I love Sazae-san.
Its author, the late Hasegawa, is one of Japan\'s first women, mangka. Sazae-
San\'s animation has been shown on Fuji TV since 1969.
Bronze statue of Namibia (
Sazae\'s father-san)
It is located in front of Sakurai station in Ishikawa, Tokyo.
Namibia\'s trademark-a hair on a bald head-has recently disappeared again, despite the replacement of it by nearby shop and restaurant owners.
On June 3, a famous Manka, a veteran singer and many shoppers attended a special ceremony with Namibia\'s hair (a 10cm-
Long Wire)
On its bronze head.
After the \"hair treatment\" was completed, the crowd cheered.
To prevent vandalism, a security camera was installed near the statue.
My friend Noriko often watches chiimaruko during school.
She has been studying Malay for 13 years.
When I returned to Malaysia a few years ago, she asked me to buy her more of the kibmaruko series of Malay translators to increase her collection.
At that time, I didn\'t even know that Chibi Maruko, whose comic series had been translated into horse communications.
\"Why is Chibi Maruko? ” I asked.
\"This is nostalgia,\" she replied.
My generation has something to do with her way of life.
Also, I can review my Malay.
I don\'t have time to watch Chibi Maruko these days.
My husband has been watching anime.
In fact, he recorded about 40 animations a week.
\"How will he finish all the shows?
I thought loudly.
\"He looked at them on weekends and after work.
However, he couldn\'t finish the record he recorded last year, \"norico said, rolling his eyes.
She shook her head and sighed: \"The other day, when I was at work and Ma Zuji was on vacation, he spent a whole day watching anime.
He takes two hours to take a shower every night, because when he is soaking in the bathtub, he likes to watch cartoons on waterproof iPad.
\"For me, I suspect I will become a comic or anime geek.
> Sarah Mori, a Malaysian married to Japanese, has lived in Japan since 1992.
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