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easy-peasy reversible tote bag

by:Bestway     2020-06-07
I like to make my own tote bag because the color, the design, especially the size depends entirely on me.
I created my own design in Adobe Illustrator and sent it to Spoonflower.
Print fabric for me.
If you design your own fabric, the sky is the limit!
I could have had the same design on both sides, but I decided to revise it a little bit. (
I do the same when I sew the pillow)
I only used part of the yard, so I added some other designs to the fabric (
Sunflower by Dianna Facci
This package was adapted from skiptomylou. org.
Fabric 19 \"x 16\" (2 pieces)outside)
Fabric 19 \"x 16\" (2 pieces)lining)
2 pieces with 2 pieces 7 4 \"x 30 \".
Pocket 5 \"x 5 \"(optional)
Sewing Machine 1.
4 \'x 30\' long fabric cut 2 pieces.
Press each piece of fabric vertically to create a center crease that can help you when you fold each side of the strap fabric to the center, as shown in 2. 2.
Open the fabric and press the outer edge of the fabric to the center. 3.
Fold the fabric in half and press it. 4.
Stitch each side of the strap near the edge, about 1/4 \". POCKETS1.
Cut 2 pieces of fabric 7.
Pocket 5\' x 5 \'.
Fold the edges and press each pocket. 2.
To finish the look, sew the top edge of each pocket near the edge.
Pin bag on the right side of Lining4.
Sew 3 sides and keep the top of your pocket open :)
I added a seam in the middle to create two pockets.
Repeat for another lining.
TOTE BAGCut your four pieces of fabric 19\' x 16\' 1.
Sew the right side of the lining fabric together and keep the 19\' side opening. (
For this bag, the bottom is 19\' wide and the side is 16\' long, but you can make this bag any size you want. )2.
Sew the right side of the external fabric together on 3 sides. 3.
Pinch each bottom corner together and sew 1 1/2 \"from the corner \". 4.
Once all 3 faces are stitched, place the lining fabric together on the right side of the fabric outside. 5.
Place the strap between the right side of the fabric and about 2\' to 3\' from the side edge \'. 6.
Top edge with pin and bag.
Stitch 1/2 \'from the edge at the top of the bag \'. Leave a 2-
The side opening of the 3 \'\'bag is used to turn out the inside of the bag. 7.
Turn over the bag. 8.
To close the opening you use to turn the bag out, push the lining inside the bag into the top of the bag and sew all the way to the top of the bag and press. You\'re done!
Enjoy your new bag.
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