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ecoist: recycled handbags & purses made from candy wrappers & other recycled materials

by:Bestway     2020-07-01
EcoistEcoist started in 2004 with the mission of creating stylish green accessories.
The design basis of Ecoist is made of recycled and organic materials, from recycled food packaging to manufacture functional and eco-friendly products, rather than having the materials finally enter the landfill.
The company name \"eco-ist\" is a term for self-creation, meaning: a person living in a modern, ecological environment
A way of life with ideas
The company\'s vision is to create a fashion awareness of the environment while spreading the message of sustainability, becoming a reality for all of us.
Ecoist has a variety of theme-based hand bag eco-designs.
The first theme line is called Classic. the design of these packages is the reason why the company was established.
One for each package-of-a-
Charitable hand bags made from re-used candy wrappers, Soda labels and other food packages marked as waste by manufacturers.
Some waste packaging is marked as such due to a typographical error or an interruption in packaging design.
There are six different styles in the classic series: a coin purse, wristband, each/any clutch, a French stick, pochette, and LBD.
Each is a standard slim box type, but it is a type based on the packaging material used to make each box.
The Classic Collection even offers matching bracelets for your wallet.
In addition to the various handbag styles offered by Ecosit, they have developed the following products using popular food and beverage chain waste products.
For example, the most popular items created for packaging are made into Coca
There are only three styles of hand bags in the cola series, but they can all be identified with red logo and white text.
Another popular is the Dasani line, which also offers only three styles, but can be identified from a blue background and a white font.
If you would like to check out all the collections and styles offered by Ecosit, you can visit their main website: www. ecoist.
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