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Gigi Hadid’s iPhone Case Is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

by:Bestway     2020-02-20
Gigi Hadid\'s latest iPhone case is a Valentine\'s Day gift target.
The model was found yesterday in a full
The black set, accented by an iPhone case, makes us faint for more than one reason.
Compared to her black leather jacket, the red accessory lights up her outfit with its waterfall --
Like a flash, there is a transparent case on the back of the phone.
After the flash caught our attention, we noticed that the box was written \"Zayn\" in bright white letters\"
A lovely feature to celebrate her relationship with longtime boyfriend Zayn Malik.
Between the Red Flash and the custom feature, this casetitysay My Name Caseis is a thoughtful gift for your other half (
Especially if you like the idea that he or she is walking around with your name, print it out in bold).
Or, it can be a gift for yourself or your best friend.
Choices are endless.
While Gigi was the first star to customize her box with her boyfriend\'s name, we saw casebone accessories in many celebrity selfies.
Kourtney Kardashian chose the name of the white letter instead of the Golden Flash.
Kelly Jenner continues her name on the silver flash.
Victoria\'s Secret Angel Elsa horsgate is a pink glitter and letter.
Hillary Duff chose to address her son\'s name Luca with a yellow letter instead of a silver flash.
In addition to that, the case for letter combinations is a celebrity trend that replaces Instagram subscriptions for Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, and Rita Ola.
Are you the next shopping celebrity?
Love the iPhone case below!
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