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go back to basics; bad bags are crippling kids.

by:Bestway     2020-06-19
The bell of the school was about to ring, and the last few children were walking through the gate, their heavy backpacks stuffed with books.
This is a common sight. but those bag-
Holding the child may cause trouble to yourself.
Because the UK is in control of the back.
Pain is prevalent and one out of every three adults suffers.
As we all know, many problems begin from childhood.
The number of children with back and neck pain has increased dramatically over the past decade.
Studies have shown that half of people now have problems with their back, hips and neck.
It is worth mentioning that more than three teenagers are permanent. damaged spines.
The main reason is that 8 out of 10 primary school students carry heavy bags full of books on their shoulders. Badly-
Placed on the school table, lack of exercise, sitting lazily in front of the TV, which also played a role in making the child the back of the head --
Victims of tomorrow\'s pain
This week, the National Association for back pain is running a national campaign aimed at reducing the risk of children.
The charity has developed
A bag that helps teenagers keep healthy.
It\'s leading a school campaign to make backpacks.
Uniform style package part.
\"We take care of the children\'s teeth and make sure their shoes fit, but they can\'t see or see the back . \"
Coordinator Noma Montagu
\"However, the high incidence of back pain in adults can be traced back to the terrain or posture and practice of the childhood period.
Poor sitting posture and lack of movement will cause permanent damage and affect the work of the school.
\"Overweight on the immature spine is an important aspect of future back problems.
Carrying a heavy bag on oneshoulder increases the risk of back pain by 30.
However, 80 children did so.
\"The new NBPA bag is designed to be placed on the back, balancing the load and reducing the pressure on the spine.
It has a padded waist curve so that some weight can be carried through the top of the hips.
In a limited space, there are special handles at the bottom of the front of the body.
Charities are also working with parents.
There are teachers\' associations in the lockers in all schools and children can leave the books safely.
It wants all the tables and chairs to be the right size and location for the kids who use them.
It calls on schools to resume posture education and introduce short exercise breaks to stretch and reset the spine after a sedentary period.
Peter Dixon, president of the British Chiropractic Association, is not surprised by the amount of back pain that so many children have before adulthood.
\"Trauma at birth can have an impact on abababy\'s spine,\" he said . \".
\"Then there was the ups and downs of atoddler\'s life, and the pressure to sit in an inappropriate school chair with a heavy bag on your back.
\"Monique Corey, director of physiotherapy at St. John and St. Elizabeth Hospital in north London, blamed most of the problems on lack of physical activity and overweight children.
\"Poor physical condition, coupled with heavy schoolbags, incorrect lifting and handling, poor posture, and even wearing the wrong type of shoes, can add unnecessary to a young, underdeveloped spine.
\"Simple exercise helps to boost back muscles and correct posture imbalances.
\"Inadequate school furniture can be the cause of serious posture problems, and there is also a lack of education on how to sit properly and how long to sit.
If used in adult Toffees, most of the furniture used by children on computer screens will be considered illegal.
\"National Association of back pain, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8 st, 14 Elmtree Road.
Telephone 0181 977 5474.
For more information about schoolbags, please call the hotline 0181830 7559, fax 0181 450 2321 or write to: NBPA schoolbags from London NW2 6LW Geron Way 1 Wave Express Ltd.
Young people naturally object to anything that is good for them, so the national backache Association makes sure its schoolbags are attractive.
They tried it for the mirror when they were ten years old. year-
Alice Waterman and Caroline Salter from simmont school in southwest London.
Their conclusion is: \"trendy!
\"There are three styles of bags --
Backpacks, backpacks and backpacks
Two more colors.
They have a lot of compartments and pockets and the girls feel comfortable and spacious.
They spent £ 20 from selected branches of Tescos, Salisbury and luggage, as well as some school fitters.
Of the 5 cases of testosterone cancer, 1 was caused by genetic defects.
But as researchers cannot track enough affected families, the contest to identify it is in progress.
This week, Dr Robert Huddart, a consultant at the Cancer Institute, called for help.
He wants a family with at least two relatives.
Brother, cousin, father and son
I was diagnosed with cancer and took part in the study.
Identification of genes can be better treated and prevented.
The incidence of testosterone has doubled every 20 years, and now there are 1,300 cases per year, mainly young men under the age of 35.
Affected families who are willing to participate in the study need to fill out a questionnaire and have a blood test that can be performed by a local GP.
Volunteer calls Dr. Huddart to extension 0181 643 8901 3457, or writes to his cancer research center, Moon Cotswold Hill Road, Meng, Surrey sm25pt.
The Cancer Institute\'s average person movement 0171 352 8188 provided a leaflet on testosterone cancer.
Don\'t rush to see a doctor if you have a cold or flu.
Instead, drink a lot of liquid and take over-the-
Anti-remedy measures.
\"GPs can only provide the same treatment advice as pharmacists,\" said Dr. Simon Vlad, chair of physician patient partnership and Nottingham GP.
Everyone should try themselves.
Take medicine for a week before they call the GP to make an appointment.
\"Patients also come to receive medical certificates, but GPs is not allowed to provide them with proof of absence due to illness that lasts less than seven days.
\"One of the four cases ends with a miscarriage.
When it happens, the subject that a woman feels tends to get worse because of non-thinking comments like \"you can always have another.
The abortion Society has now produced a leaflet for people you know to help friends and relatives who are unsure how to react.
The flyer was provided by sending a large sae to the miscarriassociation of the Newark WF1 3JS North Gate Clayton hospital.
Abortion support line 01924 200799 open from nine o\'clock A. M. Monday to Friday-4pm.
Get some support sports therapist Mike Alexander to know from personal experience how important it is to protect the back during exercise.
TV Gladiator\'s physical therapist Mike was injured in a liftPromotion link.
\"I weigh a lot --
Promotion and motivation
Mike, 40, a former royal British air force boxing champion, said: \"I was overconfident during a training session at the gym . \".
\"My back was hurt because I lifted something too heavy.
\"I should know more clearly that weight lifting is one of the main causes of back injury and back pain.
\"Every working day, 310,000 people will not refuse because of\" bad back.
Adult back pain is the reason for taking more than 0. 119 billion days off each year.
That\'s up from 0. 115 billion four years ago.
However, Mike did not take much time off due to his work commitments.
He knows that bed rest is no longer recommended for more than 48 hours, and he knows that it is best to get up and walk around.
He realized that his back needed some extra help in the first few weeks of the intersection.
So he chose support.
\"The good thing about back support is that they generate heat and keep the area warm and soft,\" he said.
\"They also give support during important rehabilitation periods that are prone to further injuries.
Support can also be beneficial if you don\'t have a back injury, but just want something extra to protect it when doing hard work like decorating or gardening.
\"But they should never be worn all the time, or your muscles are used to support and start to deteriorate.
\"Mike uses Medisport Back Support, which can be worn at will under the clothes and fits in a variety of shapes and sizes.
You can buy it at 28.
99 kilometers from Asda, Tesco and independent pharmacies.
We have 50 books for the first readers.
Send your name and address to: Mirror/back support giveaway for PO77GF waterloville PO Box 28 Medisport International Ltd, Hampshire.
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