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green gear: reusable bags

by:Bestway     2020-06-24
Today, we have new features for green life.
We heard a lot of people invent new environmental products.
Friendly products, we will write some new products in this field from time to time.
Let\'s take a look at reusable bags today.
There are so many grocery stores, pharmacies and other stores that charge a single person fee
With plastic bags, there are many shoppers who want to stock up on reusable bags.
Is it a reusable shopping bag of nylon? It folds itself into small bags for easy storage in backpacks, wallets or cars.
They have different sizes and are strong.
I tested them on a family getaway and they were nice with groceries, camping gear and even beach toys.
You can order through their online. (
Photos provided by Joey totus)
A few months ago I wrote an article about Judy Lazar, a Montreal woman whose company produces reusable shopping bags and something more unusual
Reusable product bags.
I have tested the bags produced by Credobags and the ones made in Coloradobased 3B Bags.
While every time I use both of these packages they have questioned the cashier, they have done the job --
I reduced the number of plastic production bags I use and they made it easy for me to take 2 pounds of the clementines home without them rolling in my larger reusable shopping bags.
For more information, please visit. (
Photo of Dave Sidaway\'s Gazette)(
Photo of package 3B available)—
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