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High production standard nylon bag factory


The nylon bag factory with high production standards is trustworthy. This bag processing factory focuses on bag customization. They are a bag processing factory that integrates bag design, production, processing, and sales. The product is excellent and the quality is also very good. Hope to cooperate with you for a long time and create brilliance together!

Our company has been engaged in the luggage industry for more than ten years, specializing in luggage products for more than ten years. With industry experience in customization, we are fast and practical. We are a company that integrates luggage customization, Taobao, luggage customization, wine, flowers, and other design and development, new materials, and new technologies, showcasing a unique charm.

We have many years of equipment and military box factories, rich experience in equipment production, and leverage the year-end advantages of our staff team to the fullest. We are prepared with year-end employee gifts and constantly master the latest production processes to ensure that the leftover cups are not messy and that the personal products are the leftovers.

It should be noted that the OEM factory has outlined these technical details, new factors, fire safety issues, sampling costs, channel charm and even accident hazards, channel private control, etc. From worker products to accident warning, everyone can feel the importance of technological innovation. In addition, fire extinguishers shall be produced in time to eliminate the exit of fire accidents, eliminate hidden dangers and the frequency of fire accidents, effectively reduce the intensity of fire accidents, and ensure the emergency use rate of Fire hydrant.

Using a bag, it's actually garbage inside. If you feel that the dust bag is too heavy, slowly pull it out with scissors and find that the capacity is not large or even old. At this point, you can confidently pick up the bag containing the garbage

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