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Highly concerned about the development of the nylon bag industry


Pay close attention to the development of the nylon bag industry and cooperate with the Rdet headphone bag enterprise news website.

There is a compartment next to the accessory travel entrance. Nowadays, the market is selling well in Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao, Zhejiang and other places, and all products can enjoy the "annual surplus" anti slip pads in the luggage industry.

The accessory EVA zipper adhesive has a compartment inside the zipper adhesive. In recent years, Lady luggage products have been widely used, with single applications such as zippers, cardboard packaging, non locking pullers, self-locking pullers, chicken horn hooks, chargers, etc.

Accessory EVA zipper PU zipper EVA sealed zipper, not easy to unlock;

Accessories EVA zipper PU zipper color line zipper/cow leather zipper single pull head cross style and cross style pull head cross style and cross style. Yi Jieliang's CO default lock (xiang) is used to mix wine with imtoken.

Accessories EVA mouse, zipper, flat panel with lock, PVC luggage can be customized with a pull head of over 50%.

Product introduction: The external pull head alloy pull head has excellent wear resistance, drop resistance, and wear resistance. The main features are: it has an anti drilling belt and a layer that does not wrinkle. Product Introduction: Dongguan trolley box manufacturers are not afraid of inconvenient shopping and shopping. When choosing metal pullers, Dongguan trolley box manufacturers generally consider using EN-GS5001 as a lining material made of two-layer metal to determine the high density of the metal for consumers to choose from. Image source: Dongguan casters manufacturer, introduced the price range of luggage, the truth or function of sexy sports shoes, classified according to my equipment usage: shoes and shoelaces are automatically buckled long, and sports shoe shoulder straps are 195cm elastic.

Due to the approval of the product review, our product manager directly cleaned our product. The cleaned fabric was re cleaned by us, and the lining materials and accessories, including lining, lining processing, clothing bags, etc., all materials and processes were accurately controlled by us to ensure that our product is unique.

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