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in the bargain

by:Bestway     2020-03-21
Bunny bought a handbag recently and she was very happy.
The bag itself-
Made in black leather with many zippers
The compartments that women seem to like, they take all the mysterious things that women like to carry with them --is nice enough.
But what really pleased the rabbit was that she bought the bag online with the help of my computer
Savvy niece Parul
The rabbit bought the bag online instead of the bag in the market or shopping mall.
She thinks that in a reallife shop —
Rather than a virtual store in cyberspace
She had to pay at least £ 50% more to cover the owner\'s overhead, such as rent, clerk\'s salary, electricity bill, etc.
There is no such overhead in a virtual or online store, so it can sell goods cheaper.
It also saves customers shipping time and money because they don\'t need to go shopping in the store in person.
Online shopping-
Almost everything, from air tickets to apples, handbags to hotel rooms-
The so-called retail therapy is changing.
More and more people buy all kinds of things.
From organic vegetables to books, from famous jeans to pious musicvia computers.
It\'s good that online shopping helps fight inflation by reducing spending and keeping low prices.
Environment too-
Friendly, it reduces fuel and other forms of energy consumption involved in regular shopping expeditions.
So, will online shopping eventually eliminate regular shopping in the form of all bazaars and other shopping centers? No way.
The reason is simple: for convenience, online shopping misses the great tradition of Indian bargaining and bargaining.
From the white roots to BMW, Indians like to have long negotiations before the final agreement is reached.
In other countries, the price mentioned on the product is paid by the customer. In India —
Despite the highest retail price (MRP)
Show on most products
The cost of any given item is variable depending on the respective bargaining skill of the buyer and the seller.
MRP becomes the biggest low price reduction.
Buying something is a business transaction in other societies;
In India, this is often a debate worthy of a constitutional expert or an eminent theological doctrine, as the name of the Almighty is not often invoked during the course of the proceedings.
It is said that eating an egg without salt is like kissing a man without a beard.
I have never kissed a man with or without a beard, but I have been told that shopping without bargaining is like this: a bland thing.
While I am not good at negotiating, Bunny claims that negotiation is a creative art form involving the use of rhetoric, methodological performance, and applied psychology.
All the other advantages of online shopping are lack of bargaining fun and games, and both buyers and sellers have a great deal of fun.
Online auction sites such as e-commerce
Bay is a replacement for interactive cuttingand-thrust of real-world haggling.
Maybe what online shoppers need to do is have a geek design software that simulates donations. and-
Bargain with sabzi mandi.
Such a scheme may be expensive to design.
So much better.
Because it will involve a long game in itself. what else? —bargaining.
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