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inflatable sailboat

by:Bestway     2020-06-27
I used an Intex Seahawks 300 inflatable boat, either bad or bad, just adjust the size and accessories.
Frame and rudder3 m PVC pipe 40mm Brown 6 m PVC pipe 32mm Brown n2 elbow 40mm1 T 40 mm² T 40mm/32 mm² elbow 32 mm² connection
Blade type rubber boat 2.
5 m aluminum tube of 1 3/4 \"2 × 3 m aluminum tube 3/4\" 6.
5 m anti-tearing nylon 250 or 1 1/2 \"3x4 m polytarvy wing nylon lineA ring with inner diameter (
Metal, wood or reinforced plastic)
4 stainless steel clip 3/4 \"miscellaneusscrewscrew swashers10m 6mm expandable polyurethane for the frame that I use 40mm Brown of PVC pipe makes such a strong impression
I used a tee to get the mast and elbow Cup up and paddled into the bracket with two T 40mm/32mm.
Since you can\'t tear in the middle of the boat to place the dagger board, use the inflatable boat on the side of these two dagger boards, I used the paddle I used when he wanted to do the pedal boat, must use the curvature of the shovel, I boil water, drop the shovel in boiling water for a few minutes, press the curve with only a towel, use 32mm brown PVC pipe, elbow and connection, this way I can easily remove the bow line to position as long as the nut is tightened while sailing.
Please note that the distance between the mast and the sail depends on the shape and size of the candle on the sail position, should be at the point of maximum strength of the sail, in my case, because I will still sail, so the support for boating happened.
So I went on the sail and used nylon parachutes. those used to make backpacks and kites didn\'t know if they were really used on the parachute.
I bought 3 m white, yellow and blue and I used everything that could be 1.
The color used on the side is 7 m.
It can also be used to ignite relatively light and durable canvas sneakers. there is a similar material called Polytarp in the United States, both of which have two layers of fiber.
Enhance the inside of the plastic, the difference is that the canvas is in the sense of a single Politarp fiber, there are two layers of fiber, one is vertical, the other is horizontal, you can also skip the steps to join the panel, because it is like this in large measurements.
I went to my father\'s garage, stretched out the fabric, cut out the stripes on the length, connected with 1 cm double sided tape, which was mostly thin, so I was walking around, in order to make it easier to mark the design of the sail, I used the measure of CBO bodogo boss Jim to convert only to cm when I emailed me.
I tried to explain that I cut 1/2 of the tube in the middle and it has 6 m so I have 2 and a half 3 m and when I realize I can\'t get it with graphite, I marked the fabric with screws and rulers, so I used charcoal, not good, got everything dirty and I advised you to buy chalk from a tailor (
Not sure if it\'s still there)
Marked with triangle bottom and 3.
2. 6 m on both sides of 89 m (
Very basic high school Triangle)
In doing so, the score curve gives the outline of the sail because it scored four intervals of 30 points.
After 5 cm, 22. 5 and 30.
5 cm + 4, I started to be perpendicular to the edge of the March less than 10 cm and the measurement result was 11. 5, 12.
5, 14, 15, 16 cm, then 15, 14, 12 fell again. 5, 11.
5 and 10 cm, mark points, I draw a curve that connects these points and do the same on the other side.
I marked the opening of the attachment and the cable is 3, I made a rectangle of 5x20 cm on the left, I made two, one is 28 cm from the vertex and the other is 280 cm, more or less at the center of the straight and right curves, I got 124 points.
5 cm from the vertex.
I cut everything out.
Double-sided tape d pasted along a straight line, also pasted at the bottom of the triangle to make a strip.
I cut a bit or don\'t let the tip so the tube can be placed.
My wife used to sew ordinary sewing with nylon thread, the whole process had two tortuous seams, stitched the first seam of the panel, then stitched the steel bars in the corner and at the opening, also stitching steel bars at leech, it\'s time to glue round edges with straight parts, because this will form folds, so time has to be careful, then we have to distribute aggregates evenly throughout the tissue, however, when the sail is ready to frown too much, it will cause turbulence and lose efficiency.
Just sewn the curve.
Finally sew the straps of the nylon backpack, one at each corner and two at the top to form a pin to tie the cables that extend the sail.
A tip, the needle is stained with double glue
Double sided tape and then wipe the needle with alcohol when starting to bleed out so the line doesn\'t get stuck.
After the sail is sewn, just insert the tube, cable and fasten it. in order to engage at the end of the boom and sprit, I used the stainless steel clip at the joint of the pipe, these clips are properly fixed on the screws.
In the space closest to the apex, I tied a circle of wood through the mast, and I tied a cable that would go through the pulley attached to the top of the mast, the more space they left, I tied the sheets.
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