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instructions to make tote bag at home

by:Bestway     2020-03-08
The handbag is a spacious and stylish handbag that can accommodate a lot of things.
These handle bags are available in different sizes and are strong due to the wide handle and can be easily carried.
A xl-size black tote bag has recently been launched to carry a large number of items.
Expect this oversized size to accommodate all the personal items you need to carry in your car.
You can buy this bag of different types, the most common one is the canvas tote bag.
These are durable and can also be made at home.
Make a description of the canvas tote bag choose the canvas you like the color and mark two rectangles in it.
Ensure that each rectangular of measured value for 1 feet mm 7 inch mm 1 feet mm 8 inch mm.
Now cut the two triangles and the rest of the canvas is used to make the straps.
Place one of the two rectangles on a flat surface.
Keep in mind that the short edges of the rectangle will appear at the bottom and top of your tote bag.
Folding will appear at the edge of the rectangle at the top 1 inch.
Fixed folding using pins.
Now, sew this crease with a sewing machine.
Perform the same steps on the second rectangular canvas.
Take a piece and sew the long edges together.
Now turn it over and press it smooth with an iron.
Attach the short edges of the strap to the opening of the bag you made before.
Do the same for the other one so your tote bag is complete.
If you want some design, you can stick stone or embroidery on the bag.
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