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kids get bags with marijuana leaf pattern

by:Bestway     2020-06-30
Kuala selangor: these are not flashy schoolbags decorated by the usual popular cartoon characters.
These black schoolbags replace Frozen\'s Elsa and Anna or Ultraman with white hemp leaf patterns and the words \"stone\" printed on the front.
The star found some students receiving these bags at an event in the minority action rights party organization (Mira)
Bestari Jaya was here yesterday.
They are one of the 500 sets of back-to-school equipment distributed to help ease the burden on poor families at the beginning of the new semester.
The other bags are designed as ordinary bags for cartoon characters and cartoon cars.
Asked about Deputy Secretary Mira. general K.
Karthigesu said they did not know the design of the cannabis leaves.
\"These bags were donated by members of Mira,\" he said . \" He added that there should be only a few bags with problems with the design.
Salmiah Ismail, 35year-
The old son received a bag with a pattern of marijuana leaves saying she did not know the leaves.
\"We\'re going to use this bag because it\'s expensive to buy a brand new bag,\" she said . \".
In addition to school bags and stationery, Mira has helped 1,000 families apply for various welfare programs from the government of Selangor.
They also awarded Commendation awards to 100 UPSR and PT3 high-achievement people.
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