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maharashtra ban cuts plastic use but upsets industry

by:Bestway     2020-06-21
Six months after Maharashtra banned plastic use, there were fears of unemployment and a huge economic impact on local industries. It is reported that the state\'s urban institutions have fallen by as much as 40%, officials said.
Although the National Finance Department is still studying the impact of the ban, this has led to the closure or diversion of thousands of plastic bag manufacturing units to other products.
\"The overall impact of tengteng on the country\'s gross domestic product (SGDP)
It will only be seen next year, \"Chief Secretary Anil Diggikar
Environment, tell Hinduism.
\"We are pleased that the number of plastic waste from local companies has dropped by 40%.
According to the report on environmental status of Brihanmumbai Municipal company in 2017
18. Plastic accounts for 3.
Of the approximately 2% tons of waste generated per day in Mumbai, 7,500 are.
Maharashtra has announced a ban on the sale, use and distribution of plastic products.
Since then, the plastics industry has been united to downplay the ban, while urging the government to take action on the violations.
Industry insiders say the ban is arbitrary, and environmental activists welcome it.
Action is needed on the threat of plastic waste.
It is disturbing that the manufacturing industry claims that the ban has dealt a heavy blow to industry and lost 15 rupees, resulting in the loss of nearly three Lao people.
\"This will result in mass unemployment,\" Parshotam Kumar, president of the all-India Plastics Industry Association, told Hindus.
\"The question is why the government first issues licenses to manufacturing units that produce thin bags. Many of these [bags]
Even allowed to come in from Dammam . \"Kumar said.
Small companies have been hit hard.
\"I think the handbag manufacturing industry has suffered a loss of about Rs,\" said Neemit Punamiya, secretary general of the Indian plastic bag manufacturers association, representing about 1,400 manufacturers in Maharashtra.
\"Manufacturing Unit [that]
Off, value of equipment 30-
40 lakh each, not to mention the storage of materials.
According to Mr.
About 700-
800 handbag manufacturing units in the state were closed, resulting in 20-
30 workers per unit.
All India Association of Plastic Manufacturers (AIPMA)
It was one of the petitioners of the Bombay High Court against the state government ban.
According to AIPMA\'s petition, \"The domestic plastic industry in India is worth about $42 billion.
\"AIPMA has more than 2,500 direct members and 22,000 members through its affiliated associations representing more than 175 cities. ‘Why the haste?
Haren Sanghavi, AIPMA member, cited the losses suffered by the plastics industry and said, \"India has far less per capita plastic consumption compared to other countries, so why rush to impose a ban?
Did the government look into the feasibility of plastic alternatives?
The plastic industry accounts for at least 10% of the state\'s GDP.
In terms of goods and services taxes alone, the state lost about rupees.
AIPMA\'s petition continues to explain that the manufacture of plastics consumes less energy than the manufacture of other materials such as glass.
\"Besides, small-and medium-
The loan amount obtained by the scale unit from the bank is large and cannot be repaid, and the loan will become a non-performing asset [NPAs],” said Mr. Sanghavi.
\"Will the state give up these loans?
After all, many of these banks are public sector banks . \"
There are 2,500 units in the country that produce plastic bags, employing about 56,000 people.
As of March 31, they owed nearly RS to the bank.
Ravi Jashnani, chairman of the Maharashtra Plastics Manufacturers Association, said the market is openly consuming banned plastics.
\"People have a certain awareness when it comes to plastic bags. But non-
Polypropylene woven bags look very similar to cloth bags, so consumers do not understand that this is prohibited.
They are being used in large quantities . \"Jashnani said.
He also questioned what \"single\" is\"
In India, plastics are reused until they are exhausted. Mr.
Jashnani\'s MPMA is also a petitioner to the Mumbai High Court against the ban.
His petition has repeatedly mentioned that the state government has not consulted with stakeholders and has not sought advice or objections in drafting the draft ban.
HC did not grant relief in the petition. Mr.
Mr. Punamiya also raised the question.
Diggikar\'s claim to reduce plastic waste.
\"If the state government claims that the number of plastics entering the Mumbai dump has declined every day, why is BMC (
Municipal Corporation of Mumbai)
Only 18,000 kg of disabled plastics have been collected so far?
Every prohibited item on the market is publicly released.
The ban is only political . \"Punamiya said.
June 23 (
The day the ban came into effect)
On September 21, Brihanmumbai Municipal company inspected it twice.
In 46 lakh sites, 18,886 kg kilograms of prohibited plastics were seized.
Together, it imposed a fine on the tune of Gears 1.
13 crore, and prosecuted in 272 cases where the offender did not pay the fee.
\"More than 12 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year.
Indian cities throw away 600 trucks of plastic every day.
\"The state must look for opportunities to see waste as a provider of resources, investment and employment,\" said a senior state government official . \".
The state government aims to develop a circular economy and transform consumer behavior, officials said.
\"The ultimate goal is how the industry can put people at the center of this shift, moving from disposable plastic to products with longer shelf life,\" he said . \"Diggikar.
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