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make a circular tote with zipper and lining

by:Bestway     2020-03-12
Hi, welcome to my first structure.
There are a lot of great tutorials to tell you how to sew wonderful things on the Internet, so I decided to provide you with a skill set: zipper lining rings.
This tutorial is for people who have basic to medium work knowledge of sewing machines and want to try some more tricky skills.
I recommend this for beginners.
If you are really new to it, see how to use the sewing machine.
I suggest some strong cloth-
Like canvas or wide cloth.
You can use two different productions I do both internally and externally.
1 zipper, I chose the standard 6 inch zipper, you can choose the larger or smaller, as long as not more than half the circumference of the round template you choose. (
We will calculate later).
Some lines, pick something that matches your fabric.
Tool you need a sewing machine, it just needs a sewing needle.
Dessert platter with wired nails (
I\'m a lazy guy, but you might find that pins keep your layers together. )
Note: Fabric should always be pre-
After washing, it is pressed or relatively flat.
Fold the fabric to accommodate the surface area of your plate.
Drawing plate cutting 2.
Repeat this step on the same or different fabric to produce 4 circles.
Side Plate: to know the length required for the side plate, calculate your perimeter: measure your diameter (
Full width of Circle)
And multiply by 3. 14, you know. . . Pi!
You don\'t need to subtract the length of the zipper as the extra zipper will act as a handle to see what I did there?
You should cut 2 pieces to measure the length of the perimeter and the width of the zipper.
Stitch the end of the side plate face to face. Turn outside-
Right, sew 1/1/2 at the bottom of the zipper (face up).
Align the edges of the inner circle with the outer circle.
Clip the top of the zipper into the sandwich
Strip facing the outer circle.
Place the needle on the top of the zipper head and the zipper meets the zipper.
Make sure the zipper is zipper.
Please use if you have narrow feet or zip feet.
Select alignment on the board of the sewing machine and use this measurement method consistently.
I like to work with 1/4 marks.
This is a more tricky part: I would suggest a little slower with the curve.
Whenever you stop sewing, do it on the fabric with your needle.
By doing so, you will avoid losing the irritation or deviation from the route when transferring the fabric.
The position of the hand is important: you want your finger to be close to the needle and almost point to the needle.
When you guide your circular object along the guide line of your choice, you have to focus on a slowly folded fabric of 2 inch at a time (
You may find the pins useful at this point).
Sew all the way, stop work.
5 inch away from where you started.
This will allow you to turn this part out.
In order to get the best results, please do so gently and patiently!
Flip your beautiful pancake and sandwich zipper
As you did for the first time, peel off between the other two circles.
This time, start at the bottom of the zipper.
Sew all the way and leave yourself 1.
5 inch as you did before.
Carefully turn over your bag.
Look, it\'s starting to take shape!
Smooth the edges and fold inside the edges that you have not untied in order to turn your bag out.
You can make a short clip of the needle, or you can follow along the entire edge of the bag and give it more structure.
Repeat on both sides.
Your strap: 1.
Sew one side together, from inside to outside. 2.
Turn right and sew along the side.
Fold inside the unfinished edges on the other side and stitch along fold4. Stay-stitch (
The end of the strap in your handbag is near the edge of zipperYou and it\'s done! ! ! ! !
Cut loose lines and fill up your most cherished items with a zipper.
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