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malaysian police seize 284 designer handbags and 72 suitcases stuffed with cash and jewellery as part of corruption probe into former pm

by:Bestway     2020-07-03
Malaysian police have seized 284 designer handbags and 72 suitcases full of cash and jewelry as part of corruption and money --
A money laundering investigation into former Prime Minister Najib Razak.
After a police search, Hermes\'s asBirkinhandbags handbags, jewelry, watches and other valuables were packed in orange boxes and shipped out of the capital\'s luxury apartment building.
Police still need to assess the value of butamasinger, head of the police\'s commercial crime unit, who said the number of jewellery found was \"quite large \".
Mr Najiband\'s wife, Mr mahmansorare, is at the center of a corruption scandal and it is reported that billions of dollars have been paid from the Malaysian National Fund 1 malaysiadevelopmentberhad (1MDB).
Authorities in six different countries are investigating the fund.
S. investigators accused Najib\'s associates of stealing and laundering $4. 5bn(£3. 3)
Some of the funds of the fund allegedly fell into Najib\'s bank account and were used to buy a $23 mpink diamond necklace for his wife.
Rosama MS is known for its luxury spending on designer handbags, watches and jewelry while traveling abroad.
Najib\'s critics have previously accused his wife of using public funds to fund her expensive shopping habits.
Singh declined to disclose who the apartment was searched for, but confirmed that the search was \"related to our 1mdb investigation \". Anti-
The corrupt police also carried out raids on several other places, including his former prime minister\'s office, official residence and Najib\'s own home. hour search.
Singh said police are trying to open a safe at Najib\'s home.
Najib denied any wrongdoing and his lawyer condemned the long search in his home as \"harassment \".
The police raid marked a week after Najib\'s coalition was defeated in the general election, where he was expected to win the election and end the 60 th anniversary of the league. year rule.
After leading the opposition coalition to win the May 9 election, the new prime minister hath Mahathir?
The investigation into the loss of funds in the National Fund was launched. The 92-year-
Mr. Najib\'s mentor was prime minister for 22 years until 2003.
He was re-elected in the country\'s most recent election, promising to address corruption at the heart of the government.
Hath Mahathir said there was enough evidence to investigate billions of dollars in fraud allegations, and preliminary investigations showed that the scale of misconduct in the previous government was more serious than expected.
He added that the government will try to collect billions of dollars from national funds to repay government debt.
He warned that an arrest would be made when sufficient evidence was collected and that there would be no \"agreement\" with Najib \".
The former prime minister and his wife were banned from traveling abroad as the investigation continued.
Najib said on Twitter: \"I was told that the Malaysian immigration service did not allow me and my family to go abroad.
I respect this decision and I will stay with my family in this country.
\"The government has also fired the Minister of Justice who cleared Najib\'s misconduct in 2016 and the Minister of Finance, who is also the chairman of the 1MDB National Fund.
Earlier this week, Najib posted a post on Twitter celebrating Ramadan, asking for \"forgiveness of the sins of the past \".
Supplementary reports from various agencies.
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