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messenger bags, the alternative to the backpack

by:Bestway     2020-06-14
Backpacks have been around for a while, but they can reduce the weight of a person\'s back and become bulky even if not full, and are considered unsuitable for a more formal setting.
So enter the messenger package as another option.
When the earliest invention was made, the bicycle messenger used a messenger bag (
So their name)
Because they allow easy access to the contents of the package, the Messenger does not have to remove the package or constantly re-adjust the package while on and off the bike.
There are still a lot of bike messenger bags today, especially in cities, although in modern times they appear in almost every school or business environment.
These relatively simple bags with shoulder straps have come a long way from the early age of bicycle messengers.
So why are they so popular now? First of all, messenger bags are very versatile.
They can be used for many different purposes and come with adjustable straps and optional handles;
These bags can be carried or worn in several different ways.
For example, most messenger bags include a long shoulder strap that can be clipped to both sides of the bag (
In most cases it is removable or can be hidden inside).
This strap can be worn on one shoulder or on the head and across the body diagonal.
The large messenger bag also includes an extra strap (also removable)
It bypassed the chest or waist to keep the bag firmly in place.
This is especially convenient when engaging in more strenuous activities such as jogging, cycling, or hiking.
The pouch can be rectangular or oval or Crescent. shaped.
Some people think that a round or curved bag will be more in line with a person\'s body and more comfortable, although many people still buy bags with shapes strictly rectangular.
The smooth rectangular shape of the messenger bag is ideal for carrying books, magazines and important documents.
Nowadays, people usually use them to carry laptops, and many newer bags come with pockets specially designed for laptops.
Other laptop bags are thinner than ordinary messenger bags, which are specially used to carry laptops for the sake of protection.
However, in all messenger bags, personal items can be easily organized through the internal separation and location of pens, money, wallets, business cards, telephones and other small electronic products.
Messenger bags are typically equipped with easy-to-close front flaps that fold over the body of the bag and are secured by Velcro, snap rings, buckles, and standard zippers.
Some messenger bags also have an extra strap to bypass the bag if additional security is required.
However, if you travel a lot with your laptop, you will want a package that meets TSA, which means it can easily scan your package and be in (
For most packages that meet TSA, you don\'t actually have to remove the laptop).
The canvas messenger bag is very popular now and has been around for a while.
They are very durable and have a wide variety of colors and prints and also have different sizes so there are a lot of options.
Canvas is also cheaper than other materials such as leather and can be waxed so that it can better withstand various elements.
For example, the crumpled messenger bag is made of waxed canvas and sewn in various styles and sizes (
The Crumpler brand actually offers nine different messenger bags on its website).
In addition to canvas, leather is another very reliable material.
The men\'s leather messenger bag is more suitable for the official search business environment than the canvas bag, and now there are many women\'s leather versions.
These are really not children\'s bags.
Any bag specially made for children is obviously a little smaller than the adult bag and is usually more colorful.
Like a backpack sold at the beginning of each new school year, children\'s messenger bags usually have photos of their favorite cartoon, TV or comic book characters printed on them.
However, when purchasing messenger bags for children, please note that since they are purchased for young people, many manufacturers tend to use cheaper materials, causing them to easily tear off school books, and the general brutality that many children participate in every day (
That\'s why many parents buy new bags for their children every year).
Spend the extra money to buy a canvas bag for your child, because in the long run it will save you more money by lasting longer.
So, how much does a good messenger bag cost, it will last for a long time, and it will come from a reliable, recognized brand that will get you from around $80 to $150, although good leather messenger bags can cost more.
The exact price depends on the size, features and material of the bag being manufactured.
For example, if the maximum size of a model is selected, the price of the Timbuk2 messenger bag may be as high as $149.
The price is really a problem for you to go to the department store or the \"everything\" store to sell.
For example, the target messenger bag is usually a very good brand, just a price cut at some point in the year.
While it may not be the most convenient if you are at school or you purchase bags for students, the best time to buy messenger bags is in spring and early summer.
In the coming months, stores often try to get rid of old items and make way for new ones, so you\'ll find some cheaper messenger bags.
No matter what kind of messenger bag you get, make sure it fits you well.
It should not be hard to slide it onto your head and the strap will never feel like cutting you.
If this happens, adjust the strap or get a larger version.
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