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my first lipstick red bag

by:Bestway     2020-03-24
No woman should spend her life without at least one lipstick red handbag.
I bought my first one at 50 yesterday. seven.
Perhaps the nostalgia for the colorful autumn, soon disappeared in the gray of winter, or the grand opening of the nearby city clothing factory, reminds me of more that is not suitable for my little finger.
But it\'s actually there.
Yes, I took part in an anthropology event to see what young people wear these days)
I saw the bag calling me.
I picked it up and slowly ran on soft and smooth leather with my hands.
I took it close to my face and enjoyed the delicious scent of quality hidden.
The bag is a small clutch, a little more than my phone and keys.
Obviously, it has no other features than it looks attractive. And it was red;
Very bright, pay attention
Red lipstick.
As I curl up under my arm and look in the mirror, I think, \"Wow, at my age, I can do something beautiful for myself that I \'ve never done before!
\"It may not be a big deal for other shoppers, but for me it feels indulgent and luxurious.
It\'s not that this bag is too expensive. maybe it\'s just my Jewish guilt, but I think it\'s good to buy that bag.
I never chose red for any piece of clothing a few years ago, especially what I usually think is a practical accessory.
My handbags and shoes are almost always black and have to stand up to wear and tear and match everything for home, work and entertainment.
Handbags must bring all the necessities from one place to another;
Wallet, brush, date book (
Yes, some of us still write about our date.
Recently, there are two pairs of glasses, a bottle of adville and a bottle of water that I trust the most.
While I \'ve always liked the taste and feel of the leather, I usually go and buy the knockoffs that are sold on the street that tolerate my messy pens and leaks.
A beautiful red bag is meaningless. . .
At least so far.
When I think deeper
As our psychologists can easily do)
Regarding my seemingly impetuous purchase, I realized that there are other emotional problems behind the acquisition.
Buying something red expresses the desire to attract your attention.
At my age, it feels so sexy and refreshing.
I was a Wilhelmina model when I was young and my job was to be noticed.
But it\'s also about competing for attention, the pressure to keep your attention, and the fear of losing your attention.
At that time, it was more complicated to wear fashion and look fashionable.
Now I realize that I am no longer forced to follow the trend.
I am free to wear the clothes of my choice or in this case carry the clothes of my choice.
The focus I want most is myself. How liberating!
This new experience that looks and feels good for me at this age is relaxing and also about happiness.
I have now heard a lot of women say in my practice that in many interviews I have received while writing a book, in the face of reality, when they accept their aging appearance, they felt a surprising sense of liberation.
This does not mean that they have let themselves go (
Does anyone think Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda have one? )
Instead, their appeal lies in the internal and external aspects of themselves.
The beauty of 50 or 60 is not yet defined by our culture, so I think we can all decide for ourselves what it is and what it can be.
It took me so long to realize that clothes, accessories, colors and styles may be interesting additions to my happiness, not requirements.
The red lipstick bag made me feel very attractive, sexy, and of course liberated.
For you, it could be a polka dot silk scarf or a shiny blue high --heeled shoes.
Who knows, who cares!
Dr. Vivian Diller. D.
A psychologist in private practice in New York City. Dr.
Prior to becoming a professional model, Diller was a professional dancer represented by Wilhelmina in glamour, Seventeen, national print and television commercials
After finishing her PhDD.
In clinical psychology, she continued her postdoctoral training in psychoanalysis at New York University.
She has written about beauty, aging, eating disorders, models and dancers, and has served as a consultant for a large cosmetics company interested in promoting age growth
Related beauty products.
Her book, face reality: What do women really feel when their appearance changes (2010)
Written with Jill Moore. Sukenick, Ph. D.
The psychological Guide, edited by Michele Willens, helps women cope with the emotions that come with changing looks. \"Today\" co-
Host Hoda Kotb calls it \"smart book for smart women \".
For more information, please visit www. VivianDiller. com.
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