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Notice! Operation Procedure for Foreign Trade Export of Leather Bag Factory


Notice! The export operation process, production process, and quotation of the leather bag factory.

In recent years, personalized leather bag customization has attracted attention from enterprises. In the personalized market, the price curve for a large number of customized leather bags is too large, and most of them have a feeling of a five-year production period. Here, we recommend several leather bags that are suitable for different personalization.

Entering the "Internet plus" era, many traditional industries have experienced unprecedented changes. Under the new wind of Internet plus, traditional luggage enterprises began to enter customization, and personalized customized luggage is rising.

In terms of design, leather bags are becoming increasingly popular. The visual, styling, accessories, production, and other aspects of the steel strip are all one click engraving, achieving easy presentation.

In terms of style, there are various styles of leather bags, and the structural design is also very stable. The bold and clever colors and meticulous craftsmanship of leather bags make each product unique and full of childlike charm.

Paired with bags made of various materials, the leather bag also has a contemporary texture. In the switch position, the leather bag presses out a beautiful curve, very similar to genuine leather.

The adoption of a wallet without design makes every leather bag full of surprises. Having a sturdy wallet and giving it to customers is a romantic thing.

Have your own design to reflect your innovative assets in your wallet. Friends who need customization can surprise them because they will like you.

Have your own design that allows your wallet to incorporate your innovative assets, aiming to provide your fashion designer with the best environmental protection, comfort, and aesthetic protection.

Overall, imToken has a high-quality team that provides the best environmentally friendly materials in the industry 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of every leather bag.

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