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once feared lost, this relationship is in the bag again

by:Bestway     2020-06-28
A long time ago, I used to be a wife.
Loyal to me
But everything has changed. -
Just like relationships often do.
For the past 10 years or so, I have been looking for the right match.
This is a nice fit coat that can be hung on my shoulder in the most calm way. A head-
Turner, of course, but it\'s a unique low-key.
There are many handsome competitors: soft bags in Kenya.
The United Nations that has been weathered
Professor, dyed leather.
Cloth handbag, soft suede bucket bag.
There are modified tramp on the cobblestone leather;
Creels of fishermen
Imagine a sturdy shoulder bag;
One piece is sewn into a delicate kimono. stop clutch.
But alas, nothing has been achieved.
Maybe it\'s because I know the difference --
I have been carrying a classic Danish schoolbag for 14 years.
To be honest, there are three.
The first one is brown.
Second, the classic gray;
The third and last black canvas (
Better hidden pen leaking).
I fell in love at first sight, when another English major student I worked in a local bookstore came in with a flashy royal family member --
She had a blue model on her shoulder.
I study hard.
As an undergraduate I am not happy with a nylon backpack or canvas tote
Inspiring messages like \"Music is my bag!
\"This bag said something else.
Something that I would probably grow up with, but anyway. Even the name --Globetrot --
The grand desire was inspired.
I welcome the challenge.
Simple, low profile, with a flat zip flap that can be fixed with a buckle or snap, the bag features a large cargo area, it expands like an accordion file with a loose zip.
There are pockets, side sleeves and compartments in the compartment.
But very special detail is to hide the rice ruler in a comfortable pocket at the top of the bag.
Made of heavy water-
They feel they are indestructible.
To a large extent, I treat them like they do.
They took classes and then graduated with me.
Went to San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans and London with me.
They have my Norton collection.
Details of my overnight stayLunch.
My camera and their various lenses
Later, there were Archives of the big Manila, notebooks of journalists, cassette recorders and tapes.
They even-
In despair-
Such as a swimming bag or pillow.
Then there is no.
The trendy Westwood clothing store that I purchased them religiously was closed.
Mail order points no longer post ads behind one of my music magazines. And the \"just-in-
East coast connectivity dried up.
All of a sudden, I left, except for the next --step plan.
Of course I am not alone in my worship or desire.
There are rumors that J. D.
Selinger used to order his Danish schoolbag from a boutique in New York.
Even if I take my tatters and fadeto-almost-
Gray bag, I will be parked on the street by high school teachers, dancers, lawyers, photographers, chefs, graphic artists, journalists, lined up for a movie or grocery store, CPA-
Everyone wants to know where to buy that bag.
\"People will pin me on the wall and share the memories of just seeing it: an impromptu romantic getaway.
Travel through Madrid.
Trying to hunt down the elaborate, tortuous story of another person.
A friend of a professor tried to deal with various messengers --
The style tied to his body-
Solid evidence of his burden
He complained about shrinking-
Or worse, \"snappage \"--
When the poor bag breaks under the weight of the paper and the paper.
He and his old global traveler have not experienced the pain.
Since the 80 s, the other person has extended his lips to the whole thing.
\"I have a black one. And a blue one.
How much? Not enough.
When I started working as a script supervisor, I used my old version.
I can put everything in. -
Script, pen, pencil, eraser.
She tried the thin, dirty things.
Fake and shoddy products in the United States
\"She tried to move on.
Like a date.
They look really good in the store, but they can\'t do it after you try it.
I have a bag for Eddie Bauer right now, but I have to take that bag with me and the other one, one luggage bag.
There is also something like a wallet. . .
Kermit everywhere.
That\'s great. . .
\"She doesn\'t need to finish :. . .
But it\'s not a Danish bag.
I \'ve been browsing the web for the last five years, inserting various descriptors to push search engines forward.
I would come up with the \"Danish school style bag\", which means canvas stuff, but it\'s much thinner and tends to wrinkle in fine mist.
Then there\'s the rest of the Army\'s shop with their version of schoolbags: flat flip covers, two pockets, long straps, but some odd briefcase handles on the top.
I even stuffed cash into the palm of my traveling friend\'s hand in the hope that they would find cash on their journey through the ocean.
* One night I stumbled upon a glimmer of hope on the Danish company Sabroe & Stephensen\'s website, which produced an authentic original Globetrot bag.
I looked eagerly at the thumbnail on the screen as if I had gone through an old family album and then contacted the company. Many an e-
The mail was exchanged with the phone, but I was empty. handed.
It doesn\'t respect credit cards, and I can\'t figure out a way to unlock deals like miles, bank transfers, and currency barriers.
I bought more bags.
Big black leather bag. A black-
Canvas vintage train pouch--
Smart, but not practical. . . .
About a month ago, inspired by boredom-
Or an imperfect purchase recently. -
I started another online search. Just to see.
I was at the auction.
Shopping service.
Tried another search engine.
Then I found a hiding place by accident. in-plain-Attractions: www. Daniel\'s schoolbag.
Com, the outfit, Gorm Andersen & Co.
East Windsor, New YorkJ.
, Specializing in the sale of original bags in the United States.
The story of the webmaster posted on the website strangely reflects my own story.
He first coveted a friend\'s bag, and then began a detour to find it.
While having dinner with some friends near Copenhagen, he told the owner his search story.
\"After doubling in the hallway closet, he came back with a bag that was almost exactly the same as my friend had in Chicago, and to my surprise and delight, he made me a gift.
It\'s a bit shabby and stained though, but it\'s a real Danish bag.
\"When he was traveling on the continent, he hung it on his shoulder until it was stolen by a friend\'s car in Barcelona. \"Back in the U. S.
However, I finally found a small shop in New York City called \"chocolate soup\", which sold the bag and finally got a new one.
At that time, Danish bookbags were very chic in the city, and the gentleman who imported from Denmark did a good business.
Until it did.
\"After discovering that these bags are no longer imported into the United StatesS.
I found this company in Denmark, \"he said excitedly,\" We arrived!
\"It seems that my things arrived soon after I ordered them.
I slid it off the plastic.
Black canvas: the flip cover of the zipper is there.
The Twins snapped their pockets. The buckles.
Store transparent sleeves for weekly schedules.
Of course, there are wooden meters.
Moreover, the real badge on the bottom of the stitch ---
The red and white flag of Denmark.
Ah, really.
I adjusted the strap so it was the longest.
I slipped it off my head and leaned over my body, so the bag was placed in the right position on my right hip ---
Like before. -
Where will it stay.
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