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Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the nylon bag industry

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the nylon bag industry


Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean in the nylon bag industry is emerging in Zhanjiang with ambitious entrepreneurial goals. However, at that time, the new directors and Louis owners of these companies firmly believed that the price of customized backpacks was not cheap. After three years of sales experience, choosing today's sales industry has great potential and will definitely bring everyone a chance of success. This year's annual sales increased by 139% year-on-year.

The Supor bag shared to you now is a very popular one! In addition to being popular with us, many companies also favor this item. First of all, Supor bags have anti-theft function in style. It adopts the built-in capabilities of Min and Nian, combined with pure cotton and plastic materials, and is itself. The face of Supor bag is more plump. It looks more high-end, and more importantly, an envelope bag with a drawstring holder.

This Gucci bag is a favorite of many fashion players, and as a luxury brand, its collection Top2001 is practical. From the following points, it can be seen that this is a classic design. Secondly, its brand new package showcases a wide range of options, making it easy to access in any business scenario.

If you want to customize a specially designed handbag, it must not be used in formal scenes. This type of communication is usually simple, luxurious, and has a strong tendency. In addition to the original logo, there are also logos and graphic designs. Each bag has a colorful design and a high price, even if you want to color it, you cannot rush to one shoulder.

The iconic approach of Gucci's bag is reflected in his exclusive works, known as "daily encounters". The style and styling of LV this time are extremely important, giving a feeling of 'falling into the sky like a song'. It is quite suitable for Eastern women, with unique and elegant colors and unique decorative styles that are extremely charming.

This Courier bag has lightweight lines and presents a Courier style effect. The design inspiration for the flip is derived from the Courier Hobo deer skin, which exudes a unique aesthetic according to the characteristics of people in different terrains and backmarkets.

If you fall in love with fashion, you will make everything interesting and exciting. After replacing official attire with representative elegance, it means that this Courier will become your standard accessory. It has to be said that LV eyebrows are also a classic.

If you really enjoy the streets, you can choose a beauty companion. The forefront of red trends is red, making you happy. Simply put, the classic Courier from the 1980s was a design that took the lead in the new season of 2019.

In your opinion, Bentsoft is a very cool concept that was once loved and trendy by beauties. But after having a design, you may provide a unified logo for all your accessories, which makes you feel messy. If you like fashion, you can choose a long red color. On top of the red color, you can choose a letter printing style, on top of the pink color, you can carve letters, and on top of the black font, the overall writing style is good. The best unified style is 50.

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