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school bans: 20 weird things that have been banned at schools

by:Bestway     2020-06-26
Hey kids, it\'s time to go back to school-
But you don\'t even want to bring that Boobie bracelet with you.
The Penn School District banned breast cancer fundraising bracelets with the words \"I [heart]
Boobies, \"will be presented to three-
According to NBC News, the panel of judges.
According to NBC, on 2010, two students at the school were suspended for wearing bracelets to attend the school dance.
The school authorities are pushing strange rules everywhere on the map. In Ottawa, St.
Joseph High School said no to yoga pants, claiming to be too tight and violating the school\'s dress code.
At Brampton Ont
The \"no love, no push sho\" policy adopted by a primary school to avoid unnecessary touch led to a ban on hugs. And in the U. K.
According to US media, a school bans students from having the best friends to avoid collectivism. K. \'s Sun.
From banning Christmas to not celebrating Christmas
Motor Transport on the ground of the school, here are 20 of some of the weirdest school bans: The Holding Act passed in Tennessee earlier this year announced the holding
Holding \"portal sexual activity\", teachers even face dismissal because of the show action.
Surprisingly, the ban on hugs is not one-
This is not normal in a particular school, but this trend seems to be spreading.
Schools in Portland and Florida began working on these rules in 2010, while governments in New Jersey, Brooklyn and New Zealand began implementing them in 2012.
In general, reasoning seems to be the same: respect for \"inappropriate interactions\" between personal spaces and students \".
Red InkAt schools in Australia and the United StatesK.
Due to the \"confrontation\" nature of the green ink, the green ink has replaced the red ink to mark the children\'s paper.
Dodgeball has been banned in schools in North America due to its \"aggressive\" because it is often called the cause of injuries and fights.
On the other hand, adult dodgeball has always been popular. Non-
You may think that with the current discussion about childhood obesity, the school will encourage students to go to school by bike or skateboard.
A school in New York says it is illegal for children to ride bicycles, while another Orthodox school does not agree with the freedom that these two wheels bring.
There is a lot of debate about the children\'s best schoolbags ---
But a school in Michigan does not allow luggage to enter the classroom at all.
High school cited safety issues for lunch and classes and asked students to continue to return to their lockers during recess to retrieve the appropriate books.
There are a lot of toy bans in the school,--
Metal plates that can be traded-
When their safety and the rush of competition inspired by their presence were questioned by schools around the world, they caused a huge stir.
Although baking sales were later overturned, an MIT school tried to ban baking sales due to lack of nutrition.
Black cosmetics from Ohio earlier this yearyear-
The old boy was sent home by school for black lipstick, eye makeup and nail polish (
No boys shown here).
The school claims it has a rule against \"extreme or distracting\" makeup.
Ottawa school banned yoga pants last year-
Unless the tight bottom is covered with a long shirt.
Stupid BandzSilly Bandz is fun!
Stupid Bandz is cute!
Apparently, stupid Bandz is a distraction in the classroom and should not be allowed.
Schools across North America prohibit these collections from attending classes, but this does not prevent them from trading between classes.
Children of England, your best friend is no longer a friend! At a few U. K.
Schools and teachers stop children from making \"best friends\" in order to save others\' feelings \".
Milk has always been considered part of a health school lunch, but now a bunch of doctors want it to be completely out of the menu.
A vegetarian and doctor group in the United StatesS.
As milk is \"milk\", a petition is being pushed for the removal of milk at school. . .
High sugar, high fat, high animal protein, harmful to bone health, rather than protecting bone health.
Dinosaur bloat, not a dinosaur, but the word dinosaur, except for other words such as \"poverty\", \"Birthday\", \"Halloween\" and \"Dancing, this may cause \"unpleasant emotions\" of students \".
Ugg boots can get cold in Pennsylvania, but students there are not allowed to wear sheepskin Ugg boots for class, thanks to the potential to store contraband like mobile phones in spacious shoes
Loose pants you may think loose pants are more of a post-90 s thing, but today\'s school continues to push the ban on loose pants, which others say is gang-related.
Thin JeansAnd then the other end of the spectrum.
Like yoga pants, tight-fitting jeans are banned in schools around the world because they lack humility and distractions for the opposite sex.
The claim states that teachers are trying to avoid physical and emotional harm by banning school and inter-class competitions.
BallsA Toronto school made headlines last year when it announced it would ban hard balls from entering school after a parent suffered a concussion after being hit by the ball.
ChristmasGrinch, we \'ve all heard a lot about holiday trees.
Including concerts in December, but some schools even banned the mention of Santa Claus and carols during Christmas. oriented terms.
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