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shopper\'s world; kyoto\'s canvas bags suited for all needs

by:Bestway     2020-02-16
Amanda Mayer sintchemama 1988, a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
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The storefront of Yize Hanpu gaogi (
Yize flag cloth Enterprise)
Beijing is so modest that it is easy to pass. The many-
The window of the shop is not significantly different from the other old offices and shops on Higashioji
Dori, and the soil color of the bag seen through the glass, mixed with dark wood, gray roof tiles and copper rain pipes from outside the store and other buildings on the street.
The old wooden floor inside was smoothed out by decades of sliding feet, because Yichuan Hanpu is a wonderful combination of Western forms and Japanese traditions;
Before walking onto the wood floor of the store, you should take off your shoes and slippers and hang them on the walls and beams in small rooms hidden with zip envelopes and heavy canvas bags of all shapes and sizes, convey the feeling of Japan in the first decades of this century.
The first three generations of Ichizais make and sell paperwork. The fourth-
Born in 1853, the year Perry entered Japan, the Qingping generation of akawa was more interested in what was new.
At the beginning of the Meiji period in Japan (1868-1912)
When passion for the West
The style of things, now barely diminished, is sweeping across Japan as he shifts from religious clothing to cleaning the Weststyle clothes.
On one side, he had a sewing machine on which he made changes or ran some special items to order, including the bags of today\'s ancestors.
At the end of the 19 th century, he gathered a group of enthusiastic musicians to form a brass band, which was very novel and invited foreigners from Kobe to train and lead them.
They performed before the film screening and during the sports meeting.
The band lasted until late 1920s or early 30 s.
Prior to that, the store was in Gion Park, now the center of the Kyoto entertainment district, and has a history of about 60 years in Dongcheng.
The ads don\'t seem to have any direct connection between canvas bags and brass bands, except that both represent the fourth Chuan\'s taste for the new exotic.
At that time, the bags made by Ichizawa were mainly used by businessmen: to send ice, milk, to carry carpenter tools or to feed horses.
There are also bags that can hold two large bottles of sake, about two quarts per bag (
It is not clear whether this is for the convenience of the hotel or for the convenience of drinkers).
Many of them are still available-
The milk delivery bag with 20 small bottles is $37;
$26 for sake bags and $34 for feed bags. (
The price given throughout the year is 128 yen against the dollar. )Others -
Tools and camera equipment for electricians, for example
Designed for professionals.
Package for bill collection ($45)
It is equipped with a leather strap, a zipper closure and an internal pocket that can be used as a small handbag or carry a small note.
A smaller flat zip envelope is $20.
A wallet or jewelry box costs $16.
However, the excellent craftsmanship of Yize is not limited to bags.
Tents, tarps and backpacks are important components of them (
A young ichizais named Kikoh said they have provided tents for the first Everest expedition)
And, in the long years of the war in Japan, so did the kit and parachute kit.
University Hill after the war-
The mountaineering club is booming and they focus on camping and hiking equipment.
It wasn\'t until about 15 years ago that Yichuan began designing more versatile bags.
One Ze uses heavy cotton canvas.
The basic colors of most styles are black, white, earthy yellow, gray and beige;
In addition, some bags and smaller items are navy, red, golden yellow and gray --green.
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All exposed edges are bound with strong cotton twill straps, and the internal seams are bound with lighter weight cotton tape to protect and reinforce the seams;
The strap and handle are cotton straps.
Most shoulder bags have strong twistlock fasteners;
The straps are stitched and rivets on the bag. (
I have been using a Chuan bag for my daily travel bag for several years and there is no indication of where the strap is connected. )
Many bags come with adjustable and removable shoulder straps that can be easily converted to backpack style in some cases.
My daily travel bag (No.
There are 49 on the list, $70)
Measures approximately 10 by 14 1/2 by 5 inch with two pockets inside and outside three (
Including a card buckle, perfect for accumulating receipts when traveling).
Another winner who is not in the catalog is a briefcase large enough to double as an overnight bag.
You can have a legal briefcase-
Size file with zipper on three sides so it can be opened flat;
An external zip pocket that can hold extra paper or magazine without adding volume, small pockets with pen holder and notebook and business card, large partitions can keep the paper in order, fix the clothes in the right place.
If $118 looks expensive, it\'s worth a try for materials and workmanship, simple elegance and functional design.
In addition to the shoulder bag, the feed bag, the bags bag (
The most exquisite one has a lot of external pockets for $188)
Shopping bags of all sizes and sizes, with different inside and outside pockets and some very elegant small items such as zip envelopes and wallets.
Additional touches, such as round metal feet that prevent wear on the bottom of larger bags, for industrial use
Bespeak weight metal zipper and internal accessories, carefully pay attention to the details of the function. Mr.
Ichizawa not only repairs bags that have been in use for many years, but also expresses its willingness to add shoulder straps, make up a bag with colors that are not in stock, and even make some minor changes in the design, for example, make a bag with longer or shorter straps.
Orders from outside Japan are not accepted.
Hanpu Ichizawa Industrial Co. , Ltd. , Higashioji-
Dolly fulenzen (Chion\'in-mae)
Dongshan Nishikawa Aga-ku, Kyoto. Telephone 541-0138.
Open from 8: 30 a. m. M. to 6:30 P. M.
Monday to Saturday, from noon to 6: 30. M.
Sunday and holidays
Amanda Mayer stychme, a writer who distributes time between Japan and New York, is working on ikat textiles.
A version of this article was printed on page 5005012 of the National edition on March 27, 1988 with the title: The World of shoppers;
Kyoto canvas bag for all needs.
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