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shoulder bags are back from the war

by:Bestway     2020-06-18
On July 10, 1964, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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This backpack is a popular American original fashion during World War II.
Fashion was restored.
The latest version is small and elegant, only carried under the sleeve hole.
Its return seems to have been triggered spontaneously by the carefree young women of Paris who have been lifting the chain handles of quilting Chanel bags to their shoulders.
In the Fall Series on Seventh Avenue, pants sets also suddenly make sense.
The woman in pants looks awkward grabbing her purse or holding her purse in the front arm.
Elizabeth Phelps and her late husband William were honored with the first backpack, a spacious leather bag with a long strap handle that allows it to hang below the waist.
In 1944, they won the Coty American Fashion Critic Award for leather design, especially shoulder bags.
They won the nemakos award in the second year.
Shoulder bags are part of the women\'s uniforms that served in the armed forces during World War II.
A few days ago, the advertisement said on the phone that it was from Skyland, New York. C.
Where she lives and works now
Phelps recalled that the bag was first made in 1941.
\"My husband didn\'t like to see me grab my wallet, so he developed a backpack,\" she said.
We made it out of cowhide and later.
Suede and fur.
\"Phelps\'s bag has a variety of shapes, but what brings a nostalgic smile to women over 35 years old is a lanyard design with a metal logo on the flap.
It can still be ordered at Lord and Taylor\'s country shops for $65 to $135.
This 1964-inch backpack is luxurious from the extreme (
Like in a black crocodile envelope of alligator)to whimsey (
Like in the doll size purse of the girl behind the motorcycle, or dancing in the disco).
A version of this file was printed on page 32 of the New York edition on July 10, 1964, with the title: a backpack returning from the war.
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