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simple denim hand/shoulder bag

by:Bestway     2020-06-18
Hey there. Uh. . basically Iup-
Wear an old pair of jeans in a simple hand/shoulder bag (
If you want a backpack, make the pocket bigger and the strap longer).
I know what you\'re thinking, no, I\'m not doing it for myself (I\'m a boy)
It\'s for my cousin.
However, please remove the bow if you plan on getting a male to use it!
The required materials are only: basic knowledge of sewing (
And a sewing machine)
An old pair of jeans (WASH THEM! )
Line in blue/cottonA in silver/ribbonP in white. S.
It\'s too difficult to take good photos.
This is the best because the pocket won\'t be big and I cut it off about 18-
20 cm of a leg because it has sewn a seam for me (yay :D).
Then I sewed a straight line along the bottom, a little difficult, and sewed it up with the hem (to the rim).
Basically, I tied the best looking bow I can tie and then used the white line (
Sewing time by hand)
Enter and exit between the back of the bow and the corner of the pocket.
I cut a long rectangle from the back of the other leg, then fold it up, fix it, and then sew the thread down.
Fix both ends of the strap in the position you want (
Best in the back).
Then, carefully sew the short length. Hurrah!
The package is complete.
Now the last step is to go out and wear and be the envy of all your friends! P. S.
Please vote for me in the fashion contest!
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