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by:Bestway     2020-04-19
Our experts suggest today that if you are going to the carnival this weekend, take out your black skinny jeans and match the glitz and glamour.
Looks like an old dust.
Collect costumes, but some accessories can make these pants go from monotonous to fab.
Every Friday, three fashion experts and a woman who loves clothing will be tested for a \"mystery item\" of a garment or accessory \"--the What -
In addition to social activities, mystery will be revealedto Where.
The \"mystery\" will usually appear in your own wardrobe, or at least it can be affordable and easy to find in most stores, and the event will be that most of us are invited to attend from time to time
Three of our experts are Sydney stylist Annalisa Armitage, designer Sally Smith, Joel Christie of Sydney\'s confidential company, and fashion lovers/News interviewer Michelle tavini.
Here\'s their suggestion. -----
Michelle Taverniti is a journalist and a fashion lover.
\"Seeing that it\'s carnival, the town will be covered with sequins --
Don\'t be afraid to follow suit with black or white single jeans and silver sequins cloak/bolero/cardi.
\"This will make sure you dress for this occasion --
Silver is everywhere now.
Think about gwynys Paltrow, Celine Dion and Michelle Williams at the Oscars.
The silver is amazing.
\"Pump or T with some peep toe-
Bar high heels and you will definitely look like a real dance queen!
\"I would avoid the top of the excessive flow, or another extreme, a structured company --type top.
Skinny black jeans
If you have their bodies
If they match what allows them, it can be very sexy and fun.
\"In addition, avoid a fullBlack ensemble-
Carnival is about color, so enjoy it.
\"Black patent or silver clutch and some declared earrings --
But make sure they don\'t conflict with the sequel or turn you into a visual disco ball.
\"It\'s also a good idea to throw away high heels --
If you don\'t favor them
Wear ballet flats or sandals.
Most roads in Sydney CBD are closed for Carnival
You will definitely go a lot.
Believe me, no one is willing to wander around with bare feet. ------
Annalisa Armitage is the owner and chief stylist of my image consultant. Visit www.
My imagination. com.
More expert advice.
\"I have been living in Oxford Street for the last four years and have seen the parade and all the onlookers in my apartment, so I feel like I am an expert in this.
In fact, Carnival has everything.
\"The main theme, however, is S and M so leather, studs on clothing, black and silver in color, underwear, because the appearance is not worn at all, dress up as gay idol ala Kylie Minogue or final choice-
Just like you go yourself!
All of this can seem to be done with tight black jeans, but keep this in mind, it will be a long day and a long night, so be comfortable, the less you have, the less you may lose.
\"I do not want to sound like your mother, I suggest not to bring a handbag;
Pack the money, keys, phone and lip balm in a beautiful black leather tramp bag.
\"I\'m sure you can manage the dress up options described, but, if you choose go as your own, the first thing you think about is how good your legs are.
If you have great legs, your top can be short and short, and if your legs and ass are a bit less looking, treat your jeans as leggings --
Wear a long layer of a single coat (
Black, gray, white, light below and dark at the top are slimmer)
And a bunch of long necklaces.
Wear dark shoes and continue the lines of your jeans.
The wedge black booties will be comfortable, stylish and continue with your leg line to ensure a perfect scale.
\"If you want to buy a short top, you can go and buy a sexy bus of the kind found on wheels and dolls, and even buy a fitted T from there,
\"If you go like yourself and go with a smile, some false eyelashes and some silver glitter are placed on the cheekbones just to show everyone that you know it\'s not just another Saturday night in the local area.
\"The most important thing is to have fun. \"------
Sally Smith is the director and designer of her own company, named Sally Smith.
Want to know more about Sally\'s visit to salsmithcom. au.
Black skinny jeans and Carnival
This is definitely an occasion for high heels.
Let\'s face it, there\'s more competition, the boys are on the way at night, so girls, high heels, and maybe sexy drapey jerseys tops.
A tight dress is enough.
Still, showing the skin may be interesting to twist the details or to Dot.
\"Because it\'s a party, you shouldn\'t wear any type of thong or flat shoes.
Accessories with long beads, cuffs.
Magic belts with metal products or cut/stamped leather can also work.
\"For fun, make sure they are comfortable to wear even if high heels are a must.
We don\'t want to see your bare feet and shoes walking home in the early hours of the morning, it\'s not a good look! \"------
Joel Christie, Sydney correspondent of The Daily Telegraph
\"Carnival is one of my favorite times of the year.
Black skinny jeans can be matched with almost anything, but in this occasion it stands out most about who it is.
\"Wear a shiny or sparkling shirt on this occasion.
The shiny high heels, paired with a pure white single-weight vest and a clutch with a small piece of glitter, can work for the event.
\"Avoid anything that will make you look unhappy.
Don\'t wear neutral or full Black
This is a celebration and the only one in the year that you can go all out to celebrate.
\"Silver and diamonds will work well with a lot of shiny materials.
\"It\'s a perfect activity to get your hair.
Messy sexy hair and glitter above your eyes will make you look more perfect. \"
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