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\'smart\' luggage could be banned over fire safety fears

by:Bestway     2020-06-21
International Association of Air Transport (IATA)
It is reported that new industries are expected to be introduced
Following action by major American airlines, including American Airlines, broad guidelines on all forms of smart luggage
The largest airline in the world
All \"smart\" luggage is prohibited by Delta
Removable batteries cannot be checked into the cargo compartment due to potential fire hazards.
From January 15, the ban under the new baggage policy includes all smart luggage designed with built-in luggage
In lithium-ion batteries and motors that are allowed to be used as scooters or other transportation equipment, lithium power supply groups that allow charging other electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets, according to IATA, GPS tracking devices and other electronic features may extend the ban to the entire industry, smart2. 0reports.
American Airlines said: \"Smart packs contain lithium batteries, which pose risks when they are placed in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.
\"Starting from January 15, customers traveling with smart bags must be able to remove the battery in case the bag has to be checked at any time the customer travels.
\"The bag will not be allowed if the battery cannot be removed,\" AA said . \".
However, passengers can carry smart luggage --
If their battery is removable, the luggage is on.
\"If the customer is able to carry the bag into the cabin with him, the customer will be able to install the battery.
As long as the customer closes the smart package under the existing FAA, no additional action is required (FAA)
The company added.
\"If the battery can be unloaded on site and on the plane with the customer, the smart bag with removable battery is still allowed, similar to Delta\'s policy of asking the customer to place spare lithium today
Ion battery with you
Delta said it was on the luggage.
Other American airlines following the new agreement include Alaska Airlines, although Southwest Airlines is said to be \"reviewing their policies and considering changes,\" according to The Washington Post \", united Airlines has yet to confirm their policy in light of the latest ban.
The latest measures on smart luggage are said to be \"consistent with our\"
Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA)]
Guidance on lithium-
According to a FAA spokesman, Ion batteries should not be carried in the cargo hold \".
Even if there is only one damaged or defective battery, it is possible to experience an uncontrolled temperature rise --
A concept called heat out of control
According to the FAA test, this poses a fire risk.
Standard Fire-
Fire fighting chemicals available on the aircraft cannot extinguish a fire caused by lithium batteries.
Telegraph Travel has contacted the International Air Transport Association, which has not yet confirmed that a new guide to smart luggage is expected to be published and when it may be launched, although the CAA has not yet confirmed whether it is possible for British Airways to issue a smart baggage ban.
\"All portable electronic devices (PED)
Items carried on the aircraft should meet specific requirements to ensure that they do not pose a danger to the aircraft system due to radiation.
These provisions are provided in the applicable EASA and FAA regulations, \"the International Air Transport Association currently provides for its policy on smart luggage integrating lithium batteries and/or electronic equipment.
\"Most PEDs driven by lithium batteries are held and/or used during flight.
Therefore, passengers and crew are more able to identify the overheating equipment and take appropriate measures to cool the overheating equipment before the ignition point.
If the battery is installed in carry-
On bags, these are more difficult to identify in the early stages due to their accumulation in the cabin, \"IATA said.
Several smart luggage companies including Bluesmart, Raden, Away and Modobag-
All of this is listed in the International Air Transport Association\'s non-exclusive list of available technologies, and airlines operating flights should conduct a safety risk assessment --
Their smart devices are equipped with removable batteries.
Bluesmart, one of the first companies to offer smart suitcases, claims that its products comply with all international regulations outlined by the FAA and the Department of Transport (DoT).
\"The latest changes are an absolute tragedy, not only a huge step back for travel technology, but also an obstacle to simplifying and improving the way we all travel, \"Tomi Pierucci, CEO of Bluesmart, said TechCrunch.
\"If they intend to ban smart packs, then they should ban the registration or carrying of cameras, laptops and mobile phones.
All of this caused a problem with the battery explosion at some point, but the penalties were smart packs and Bluesmart.
\"We know that there are some airport safety issues for travel technology and companies that comply with various regulations and quality standards,\" Bluesmart added in a statement . \".
\"Before production and production, we did our best to ensure compliance with all international regulations defined by DoT and FAA.
\"While most airlines understand and recognize smart luggage, other airlines may still be speeding up,\" the company added . \".
But Delta believes: \"Many smart bag manufacturers are promoting that their products have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration or the Transportation Safety Administration, which may give customers a wrong impression, that is, all smart bags are accepted for transportation.
\"So far neither TSA nor FAA has approved the smart package,\" Delta warned in a statement . \". \"All carry-on
Ons has a battery that is easy to remove.
This is a feature that we have carefully designed, in part because the customer asks for a charger that can be carried with him and used during the flight, \"said step h Korey, away CEO, in a statement
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