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smart travelers don’t need smart luggage yet, but we haven’t lost hope

by:Bestway     2020-06-20
If you read our smart baggage list carefully, you will find a lot of options, from the rolling trunk with built-in trunk
When you are too far away from them, you will beep --
It\'s just a few things available.
Whether it\'s a well-known manufacturer or a startup looking for crowdfunding, we often get notifications from new models.
There is also no sign of a halt to this trend: the travel luggage industry is a big industry, and sales of smart luggage will reach nearly $2, according to a forecast.
4 billion to 2022.
In New York City, the entire subway car is full of outsourced ads-when was the last time you saw the luggage ads?
But what is smart luggage?
This is a label widely used in any bag containing technologies such as hot spots, battery chargers, tracking devices, digital scales and companion mobile applications, as well as features designed to reduce travel pressure, such as built-in
In organizers, foldable buildings, even-
We won\'t lie to you
Are these travel accessories really next?
Generate travel, or marketing campaigns that develop solutions for non-travel customers
Is there a problem?
Ramesh Tainwala, CEO of Samsonite, told CNN that smart luggage is a gimmick and will not bring value to consumers-it doesn\'t matter, Samsonite is one of several big companies, like delsey, Japan, Travelpro (
He may not be talking about his company\'s products. .
Regardless of your opinion, smart luggage stays here.
Another question is if you want one.
To find out, we brought a smart bag in a recent bag.
Travel for a week to see if this really makes the trip easy or just out of the way. San Francisco-
The smart luggage manufacturer based in Barracuda has provided us with carry-on luggage
We took a one-week trip on a Viking River Cruise.
We like to travel light and compact luggage is easy to carry.
Barracuda was praised for criticism, and barracuda of various colors helped to stand out from Barracudahum black (
Although black is available).
Like most smart luggage, Barracuda is also equipped with a location tracker, a USB charger, and a digital scale.
Anyone on a plane is likely to exceed the weight limit for checked baggage, leaving the airline out of the weight limit or having difficulty finding a charging outlet.
The technology of Barracuda should solve these problems.
It turns out that we didn\'t really meet them.
Since the bag is small enough to carry with us, we did not check it and did not use a digital scale or a location tracker.
Even if we have, small in size, it is difficult to fill things that need scales with something heavy enough.
The tracker works only when you are close to the bag;
So if it is lost, the tracker that works via Bluetooth via the Barracuda app will be useless.
The battery is handy, but it\'s a normal 10,000 unit, big and heavy-you can buy a similar model on Amazon for $25.
But for reasons not related to technology, we appreciate the bag of barracuda.
For example, its design is foldable.
Remove a few internal clips, and the Barracuda folds up in a closet or under a bed --
Whether at home or in the comfort cabin of the Viking long boat, it is perfect for storage when not in use.
Luggage tends to take up space, especially in small rooms or small apartments in hotels, so this simple and clever system is good.
Luggage also includes a laptop tray built into the handle.
While we don\'t need it, it\'s a good benefit if you need a surface to work or have lunch.
The Barracuda uses a fabric structure and is light in weight (
When not in use, can hang on the closet rod)
But not as durable as we hoped.
When we closed the bag, the zipper got so stuck that we were worried that we would take things apart if too much pressure was applied.
It\'s not scalable, so it\'s not like our non-Smart Beauty
Fixed wheels are not allowed to turn easily in tight places.
Despite the scars left by the battle, Barracuda remained in good condition before, during and after the trip.
However, $350 (
$400 if you want location tracker)
\"Wisdom\" does not justify the price.
If you do not need these features, you can purchase larger, more durable luggage for less money.
The folding system is the most attractive feature of barracuda, but you can also buy large luggage bags that are easy to fold.
Smart luggage is a way to solve problems related to air travel.
When Bluesmart was released on Indiegogo on 2014, it launched smart-
Luggage industry with innovative features such as USB Charger Battery, smooth travel wheel, digital scale, remote control lock and location tracker.
\"After decades of no innovation in the baggage industry, we re-
The Indiegogo event page of Bluesmart states: \"Imagine a suitcase that can solve the problem of modern travelers . \".
Indiegogo, which raised more than $2 million from nearly 11,000 supporters, seems to have been agreed by many.
Since then, air travel has experienced the development of negating some functional requirements. Free Wi-
At the airport, Fi and power outlets are becoming more and more common and can keep you connected for a longer time.
Airlines also lose less luggage: according to a report from SITA, which provides IT services to the air travel industry, the number of improperly handled luggage has dropped by 70% in the past 10 years.
Bluesmart also has its own shortcomings.
It is only provided with a small carry-on
The size is right, which means you still need more luggage on a long trip.
The USB port is blocked by the handle and the efficiency is reduced.
Since you have to sign up for the package to use the remote lock, it is limited to one user-you have to contact customer service to switch users, which we find annoying.
This is not lost by bag manufacturers.
Bluesmart has started for the second time.
A generation of luggage-this time, including 29-inch check-
Luggage, laptop bags and photo bags.
It solves other limitations: it has a fast
Charge the laptop;
Scale synchronized with the guidelines of various airlines;
Strong construction quality;
And other technology upgrades.
Hopefully, it also addresses the cabling problems encountered by the next network reviewer in airport security, just like potential terrorists.
Perhaps more useful is the GPS and 3G of Bluesmart Series 2-
Based on the tracking system.
Unlike the Bluetooth tracker, the system can help locate luggage almost anywhere.
According to SITA, considering that the package is more likely to be lost during the connection, you are more likely to find the package with GPS and cellular than Bluetooth, and more than 30 feet is invalid.
Many of the most useful technical elements in these bags can be added to existing luggage using the third one
Party accessories.
You can purchase tracking devices, digital scales, power sets, and even laptop stands, mini hotspots, and servers.
These features are not unique and you already have some gadgets you need to add them.
If you want a smart pack now, we recommend you buy high
High quality luggage, then add these smart features separately, instead of paying a high price for something that can be too limited.
Although we have more technology than most travelers (
One can\'t help but comment on multiple phones and tablets we flew to Europe for a Viking cruise)
We can say that you don\'t need to invest in smart luggage right now.
That doesn\'t mean we never need it.
Once the industry has gone beyond the initial attempt, we will begin to see more meaningful products.
We would like to see better applications and unique technologies such as the electronic label launched by Rimowa with Lufthansa Airlines, EVA Airlines and Swiss Airlines, which provides what paper labels cannot provide
How about the luggage that flows to our phone as a server and movie, or if it misses the connection, know how to get to our destination? (
We are still a little small on the scooter. )
Luggage doesn\'t need to be smart today, but all luggage will be smart in the future.
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