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sonya lee atelier has form, function and feminism in the bag

by:Bestway     2020-06-12
The industrial designer follows a principle: The form follows the function.
For Stephanie Sonia Ibsen, the second might be: Support your community.
Her leather studio, Sonya Lee, was inspired to some extent by the city\'s female creative class.
\"I am (women)
Because I love and respect them . \"and-
Senior designer studying at OCAD University.
\"They made me feel like I was not alone in a very difficult creative field.
So her bag is named after the woman in her social circle: there is Nico (Soule), The (Ally)
Basson of Rosa (Halpern)—
All women \"run in the trenches of creativity \".
Ibbitson believes that creative women in Toronto should support each other.
\"That\'s why Toronto\'s\" maker culture \"is so great --
But if we don\'t support each other,movement)doesn’t happen.
Janna Watson, an abstract painter
Tufted carpet manufacturers commissioned Ibbitson to make the first package in 2013, giving designers the push they need to start their leather business.
Earlier in the same year, she found her own media when she came home from a marketing agency with no passion.
She peeps at the perfect leather on St. King Street. W.
When the smell hits me.
Then she plunged into the work of the animal skin.
Ibbitson insists that \"there is no second chance for leather\" because each hole and cut is final and there will be no return on this material.
But Sonya Lee is a second chance.
This is the second iteration of her leather design business.
Her first name was St.
Lawrence\'s luggage was in 2014, but soon felt that it \"no longer reflected the direction of business development . . . . . . As an independent designer, I am still in my infancy.
So she honed her style and used it in 2016-
The bags in the spring and summer series are more representative of her vision and beauty.
\"The funny thing is that when you start doing something you think you\'re able to define what you\'re doing and you come up with all these things . . . . . . It doesn\'t mean what you\'re doing at all.
She changed the way she was.
Harder and more industrialized than cunning Canada
She renamed the company Sonya Lee, a combination of her and her partner\'s name.
\"Lee is short for Leyland.
He was my biggest support system when I decided to take this huge jump to the bottom.
\"In addition to the simple, durable and sophisticated quality of her bag, the new look also has a feminist vibe.
\"Oh, there must be a feminist tendency,\" Ibbitson said . \". “Not kind of. It is feminist.
\"She had a hard time in industrial design.
\"You think \'because it\'s 2016, \'but things happen every day about gender discrimination,\" she said . \".
She said that male-dominated industries often try to reduce what women are doing by not taking women seriously, recalling two cases where male industrial design professors think her work is \"cunning fashion\"
\"It seems to me that on those occasions it is considered a bad thing, not a \'serious \'industrial design,\" Ibbitson said . \".
But her bag was saved.
Reflection on Rule No. 1.
\"I want a bag that is both modern and simple, but I can think of it as an absolute s---,” she says.
In addition to designing multi-functional and wear-resistant bags, she supports the local women\'s creative community.
Not only does she use her purchasing power to buy products from other female manufacturers, Ibbitson also hosts a dinner party to expand and strengthen her network --
Tell friends to invite their creative female allies to consciously expand the circle.
\"Our ideal is to support each other, especially when doing creative things,\" she said . \".
Being attracted to people who are \"also trying to make things happen\" is contagious and a source of real advice and inspiration, she said.
\"My whole idea is: no one will win unless we all win.
We are stronger together than alone.
\"Sonya lee is available on www. sonyalee. co , at ZANE (753 Queen St. W. )
One of the few cities in Vancouver
The Sonya Lee series is made of leather and hardware from North Americaby-
In Toronto, inspired by women admired by industrial designer Stephanie Ibsen.
Artist Janna Watson commissioned the production of the Watson tote bag and Janna Watson started it all.
Watson met Ibbitson through Watson\'s partner Nico Soule and encouraged Ibbitson to start trading.
\"She respects her creative friends,\" said Watson . \"
\"It takes an idea to get an idea.
Ibbitson said Watson used to carry reusable shopping bags and thought the \"very trendy woman\" needed something fair to her style --
So this high-end leather handbag (And her company)was born.
Ali Basson\'s Basson is $570.
Ally Basin, a \"creative neighboring\" researcher and archivist, met Ibbitson on Craigslist when Basin was looking for a roommate.
Ibbitson was inspired to name this huge backpack under the name of her supermarket roommate because \"she carries everything but the kitchen sink.
She inspired the bag with pure complaints.
\"I think she partially created the package to prove to me that she could solve a design problem that I found unconsciously,\" Basin said . \".
That is to say: make a bag big enough and strong enough to put it in the kitchen sink.
\"That\'s why she became such a great designer.
Anyone can make a stylish bag, but not everyone can make a feature pack that I can\'t break.
I really broke everything.
\"Aw, Rosa Halpern, available for purchase at AW17Rosa Halpern, is the owner and designer of the Toronto custom leather jacket studio Namesake.
She and Ibbitson began to be partners in the studio to share the leather work equipment.
\"Working mostly on their own and being able to consult with each other is critical to the development of our two companies,\" Halpern said . \".
\"Unlike other major cities I live and create, the women I meet in Toronto are not competitive, but are interested in helping each other move forward.
I think this is essential for the community, especially the creative community.
Competition keeps us apart, but everyone wins in cooperation.
Ibbitson described Halpern\'s style as \"complex punk \".
She named the package after her friend because it mixed the hardware details --
It reminds her of a harsh \"Punk in my opinion \"--
Clean outline of the bag.
Nico, Nico Soule, $440 Nico Soule met Ibbitson in a drawing class at the OCAD University in 2009.
Originally from the West Coast, Soule is an industrial designer and half of Watson Soule and Janna Watson.
Together they make \"floor works of visual expression\"
Can be a contemporary carpet of art
In their 401 Richmond studio.
\"The level of support for other women is amazing,\" Soule said of Toronto\'s Away scene . \".
\"You wouldn\'t think that would be the case because we were told that women should do so (compete)
Or we don\'t have enough space for all of us.
But there is a lot of room for all of us to rise.
\"Nicobag is a tribute, but\" there is no real story behind it, \"Ibbitson said \".
\"I just named these bags with strong and independent women.
\"Yuliana, Julia Troubetskaia, available for purchase at AW17Julia Troubetskaia, a graphic designer who met Ibbitson at a party.
From friendship to the natural development of creative collaborators, Troubetskaia has recently taken over the Vision brand strategy of Sonya Lee.
Troubetskaia, a Russian immigrant, moved to Ontario at the age of seven.
Her traditional name \"Yuliana\" was selected as her bag
A small wallet with metal handles. “(When)
I was designing a bag, and I thought, \"What an amazing lady . . . . . . Do I want to name this package?
It is either suitable or not.
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