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stamped fox tote bag

by:Bestway     2019-11-08
It is very easy to make this stamp, and even easier to use it to decorate all kinds of things!
I have used it to make a boring canvas tote bag for groceries, as well as an envelope and some thank you notes.
My next step is to use the same pattern as the tote bag to make some homemade wrapping paper for daily and holiday gifts!
Tip: This is easiest if you already have a basic stamp engraving kit or go out and buy one. (
They are the cheapest if you order online)Supplies: -roller -carving tool -
For example, stamp materials such as felt or rubberink (
In this case, fabric ink because I am using a tote bag.
The fabric ink is of higher quality and therefore more expensive than the ink used only for paper.
It can\'t be washed away. )-
Container with-scroll ink
Decorative Surfaces: In my case, I used a tote bag and a normal envelope and it was better to stick to a fairly simple stamp design.
Remember, the place you cut in will remain blank, and the place you didn\'t cut in will be signed later.
Before I started cutting, I found it helpful to draw my design on a stamp. Stamp away!
I find that different materials require different amounts of ink, depending on the fiber or the degree of porosity of the material.
For example, I need a lot of ink for my canvas tote bag, while the paper needs a lot less ink.
Just play around and test it before you find a good balance.
Useful tip: to make the fabric prints permanent washable, be sure to turn them out and iron them after drying.
Or, some people on the Internet use hair dryers.
I haven\'t tried it yet, but I think it might work!
When cleaning these items, wash them inside
This way the color can last as long as possible.
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