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stay ban till options are available: plastic bag makers

by:Bestway     2020-06-21
Mumbai: Seeking the current state of plastic use in the state, the Indian Association of plastic bag manufacturers requested on Tuesday to suspend the ban on plastic bags until alternatives are identified and provided.
Delegates from the Mumbai Grain Dealers Association, the Indian Bakers Association and the Indian Garment Manufacturers Association gathered on Tuesday to discuss the issues they face in terms of production, packaging and supply.
On April 2, Lalit Gandhi, vice president of the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, met with the national minister of the environment, Ramdas kaddam, to discuss the status of packaging materials until there was an alternative material.
The high court of Mumbai asked the state government to respond by April 9 before ruling on the petition.
There are 2,500 units in the country that produce plastic bags, employing about 56,000 people.
As of March 31, plastic manufacturers in the state owed nearly Rs to banks.
Neemit Puniya, secretary general of the Indian plastic bag manufacturers association, asked for seven years to be given to the industry to recover losses and repay bank loans.
\"Give us at least some time, or gradually reduce the use, instead of using it suddenly.
We have been using plastic bags since 1950.
You can\'t ban them overnight.
Each person in the state uses 650 plastic bags per year, mainly used as packaging and handbags for biscuits and grains.
Vivian Shah, president of the Federation of retailer welfare associations (FRWA)
He said the government failed to impose an earlier ban on plastic bags with a thickness of less than 50 microns.
\"When it rained, we saw pictures of plastic bags blocking the ditch, most of which were less than 50 microns thick.
In Maharashtra, 99% shopkeepers use plastic bags over 50 microns.
Transparent bags are used to protect expensive clothes like bride clothes and Sari from dust and weather changes, he said.
\"The type of plastic that is forbidden to use must be clear.
Rajesh Masand, chairman of the Indian Association of garment manufacturers, said, \"apparel trade is the second largest employer in India after agriculture.
It employs 30 lakh employees and relies on polypropylene for packaging.
We need clothing packaging materials for transparency and weatherresistant.
The PP bags used are safe and recyclable and are accepted all over the world.
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